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Joshua is a natural at today's new way to market your business and for the commercial real estate industry, his timing is absolutely spot on.

Linda Testimonial

Linda Day Harrison, CPM, CCIM

( Founder at theBrokerList - A Virtual Commercial Real Estate Network )

Once we retained Josh’s services for website optimization and email marketing, we experienced immediate growth in the number of inquiries we were receiving about our services. Within days of his work with our website, we moved to the top of search engine results.


Jeremy Ruben

( Owner/Instructor at DanceCraft of Pensacola )

Without Josh Lyons' professional approach to my personal marketing plan, writing blogs and his help executing the strategy, I don’t believe any audience would have recognized me as a hotel expert.

Bryan Testimonial

Bryan Morelock

( Banking Professional at Bank of America )

Josh was a delight to work with at Spectrum Resorts. Not only is he smart and creative, but he’s also a great team player. He also takes the initiative to learn new skills and stay up-to-date on the latest social media tools and techniques.

Mary Testimonial

Mary Story

( President at Story Communications )

Josh has opened our eyes to how blogging and social media marketing can bring leads. I have personally received leads AND revenue because of my blogging and social media activity, and am very impressed by the results we have seen since Josh joined our team.


Stephanie Gilbert

( Commercial Real Estate Agent at Sperry Van Ness )

I know that Josh is a rising star who will help us succeed, yet will earn an even greater position in the working world of marketing due to that very success. He does not disappoint!

Bob Testimonial

Robert W. (Bob) Young, CCIM, MBA

( Managing Director | Member Services: INREX )

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Save on a DIY website

DIY Website: How to Save Thousands of Dollars

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A friend of mine recently saw a website and said something along the lines of “Josh, this website is amazing. I want to find out the name of the developer so he can build something like that for me. He’s going to have to be really good.” The website he was looking at really did

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Develop Your Personal Brand

Personal Branding: How to Do It

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Ways to Develop Your Personal Brand In my last blog post I talked about personal branding and how important it is. I left you hanging by not telling you how to develop your personal brand in the way you want. That’s what this blog post is about. Unfortunately, successful personal branding isn’t something that happens over

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What is your personal brand

What is Your Personal Brand?

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You Have a Personal Brand. Is it Good or Bad? What do you think when you hear the names of McDonald’s, Toyota and Apple? What do you think when you hear the name of Martha Stewart? Okay, let me change it up. What do other people think when they hear your name? Do they think,

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ppc computer quality score

Quality Score and PPC Ads: 4 FAQs to Help You Understand the Importance

4 FAQs About Quality Score and PPC In my earlier blog post, which you can read here, I divulge more about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. High performing PPC advertising and high Quality Scores have a strong and symbiotic relationship, you can’t have one without the other. You may be wondering what exactly a PPC ad is, or

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PPC Advertising – The Basics

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PPC Advertising-The Basics Competition for search engine results is undoubtedly intense. It is vital to any brand or business to rank well on search engines, especially Google. Other than blog writing and other search engine optimization practices, what else can you or your business do to rank well? Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way

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Using Pokemon Go for marketing your business

Use Pokémon Go for Marketing Your Business

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What in the World is Pokémon Go?! Here’s the deal. Pokémon Go is a wildly popular game that has been released by Nintendo. It’s primarily played on smartphones. Those who play Pokémon Go are called “Trainers.” The trainers are essentially required to walk around and actually get some exercise in, if they want to level up

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First Blog Post

Blogging Tip #3: You Published Your First Blog Post! Now What?

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I want to say congratulations to everyone out there who has taken the first step in building themselves up as thought leaders in the blogging community! If you just published your first blog post, you may be wondering what to do next. Keep reading and I’ll give you some advice. Action #1: Make Sure Your

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improve the seo for your video marketing

How to Improve SEO for Video Marketing

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If you know the basics for text/content based SEO, then you’re in a good spot to understand the basics of how to improve SEO for video marketing. Whether you use YouTube, Vimeo or both, using proven SEO tactics will help increase user engagement and traffic to your videos. Although video marketing is a different ball

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Being a Thought Leader and blogger

Blogging Tip #2: How to Become a Thought Leader

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In my last blog post, Blogging  Tip #1, I talked about understanding how Google works, so you can use that knowledge to be more effective in terms of showing up on Google. Today, I’m going to take a completely different approach and talk about what it means to be a thought leader. As a blogger, you

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Blogging tip #1 from Joshua Lyons

Blogging Tip #1: Understand Google & Understand Yourself

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This blog post is going to tell you why you should be blogging… if you aren’t already. I’m telling you, if you aren’t blogging, you’re missing out! But before I tell you why you should blog, I first need to tell you about Google. So, here we go! Google is Really Smart! Last year in

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Push Marketing Pensacola

How Does Push Marketing Work?

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Short Story About Yummy Food The other day I went to the Cordova Mall, here in Pensacola, and decided to grab some lunch at the food-court. There are several Asian restaurants in the food-court and they are all great about pushing their samples in front of your face. I like that. =) I tried the yummy

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Using Google Analytics: 101

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Several people have recently asked me questions about Google Analytics, which is partially responsible for why I’m sharing this blog post with you. This post will answer a few popular questions about Google Analytics and explain how to look at the general website performance overview, provided by Google. Here we go! What is Google Analytics? Google is completely

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How much to spend on marketing?

How Much Should You Spend on Marketing?

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You are a business professional and you want to make sure your business is growing. You know marketing is so important, and you want to invest in some good marketing, but you’re afraid of the $$$ that may be involved. Maybe you think you can’t afford marketing, and so you’re sitting back on the sidelines not getting anything

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Should you have a website?

You Should Consider Having a Website if…

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Ever wonder if you should have a website? This is definitely something a lot of people think about doing, especially when they’re trying to build their business and increase leads. Here are some points to consider if you’re on the fence about having a website. You Want Passive Income or Leads Sure, you can knock on doors,

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How to Get Away with Duplicate Website Copy

Last week I published a blog post about common plagiarism mistakes various professionals make. If you didn’t read it, here’s the link to What You NEED to Know About Plagiarized Copy. In that blog post, I told you not to use duplicate website copy on your site. But how about websites that make a point

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plagiarized copy

What You NEED to Know About Plagiarized Copy

Tags : 

There are so many factors that can impact your rankings on Google. One of biggest factors is your website copy. I’ve been given tons of copy from various professionals, over the years, to be published to their webpages or their blog posts. I wish I could say that all this content was original, but unfortunately

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seo for commercial real estate marketing

How Does SEO Impact the Revenue of a CRE Broker?

Tags : 

Does SEO Really Make a Difference? I recently had someone ask me if I can prove that search engine optimization (SEO) really helps boost the revenue for commercial real estate brokers. I didn’t want to just say “yeah, of course it makes a difference.” Rather, I wanted to put together a logical response that was

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Backlinking 101

Backlinks 101: What Are Backlinks and Why They Matter

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Backlinks are very important to the overall health of your website. They can destroy your website or they can help your website leave the competition in the dust. The problem is that many website owners don’t know the first thing about backlinks, and as a result, they aren’t fostering the growth of their website and leads

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Why Hire a Marketing Consultant

Why Use a Marketing Consultant?

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What Does a Marketing Consultant Do? When people ask me what I do, I tell them “I’m a marketing consultant.” I pause and give them a split second to be intrigued and wonder what that’s supposed to mean, and then I explain. I follow it up by saying something like “Lot’s of people have a

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Facebook Marketing

The #1 Reason Facebook Marketing Fails

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I’ve been observing and studying Facebook marketing for business since 2009. During that time I’ve discovered a HUGE mistake that many businesses often make. I believe the number one reason Facebook marketing fails is because the person managing the fan page actually trains Facebook to stop sharing their posts with their fans. This is an extremely common problem. The

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Four Tips on How to Write a Good Blog Post

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In the first part of this post, I’m going to explain how to write a good blog post. Once I’ve explained how to write a good blog post, according to what search engines like Google are looking for, I will visually show you what I’m talking about. 1. You Need A Topic You’re Interested In Do

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website isn't ranking well - two faces

One Big Reason Your Expensive Website isn’t Ranking Well On Google

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Your website has an ugly face! Keep reading and I’ll Explain… Many people spend thousands of dollars on getting a website built, only to find that it isn’t showing up on Google after months or years have passed. The website owners probably had the idea they would get a nice website and it would automatically start generating traffic, and as

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