Marketing Strategies

Building a Dynamic, Cohesive Digital Marketing Strategy

With everyone turning to digital these days, having a dynamic digital marketing strategy is essential. Businesses can no longer rely on the same old marketing tactics if they want to remain relevant and continue to meet the demands of today’s consumers. If you want to appeal to newer generations, you have to consider every available …

Search Engine Optimization

Global SEO vs. Local SEO: Which is Best for Your Business?

SEO can be very helpful in growing a business. But, it’s up to you to decide between using a global SEO vs. local SEO strategy, and what’s best for your business. Well, simply put, you should know the right type of SEO plan that suits your brand before subscribing to any SEO monthly plans you …

Tim Absalikov
December 29, 2021

Content Development

Content Writing Tools for SEO

The more effective content writing tools for SEO, the better the chances of ranking on top of Google. With this, however, comes another problem – how to make sure that your content is unique and original? How can you make it stand out from the crowd and get noticed by Google? SEO is an acronym …


Getting to Know Your Customers: How Far is Too Far?

Data analytics has become an essential part of marketing strategies for all businesses and industries. Collecting and analyzing data and metrics can help you improve and optimize your business by enabling you to better understand what your target audience wants and needs.  However, to understand your customers’ behaviors, it’s important to keep their best interests …

Content Development

9 Ways to Make Your Content More Engaging

Standing out with your content has never been so challenging. While more and more brands invest in top-notch content creation, it’s a good idea to have a content marketing strategy, creativity, and high-end writing skills to make your content more engaging. But let’s get started from simpler things, getting back to the content you already …


What’s the Difference Between a Domains vs. Hosting

The differences between domains vs. hosting are important and both are needed to run a website.  You should use them together, but have to  purchase them separately. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at what each one is and how they work, and why choosing a good web hosting service is so …

Joshua Lyons Marketing
December 15, 2021

Content Development

Video Marketing

7 Tips for Making High-Impact Brand Videos

Brand videos are important if you want to impact your viewers. According to recent statistics, 63% of businesses have made a video as a key part of their marketing strategy in 2017. And this number grew up to 86% in 2021. Businesses, freelancers, and influencers have all realized the importance of making videos, and we …

Content Development

How Unique Content Helps Increase Conversions

Having a lot of web traffic is definitely a positive factor in business, however, it is not very worthwhile if the traffic does not result in a conversion. Conversions include, but are not limited to: a purchase, an eBook download, filling out registration forms for more details, or signing up to your email list. A …

Isla Ava, Guest Blogger
December 8, 2021

Marketing Concepts

Personal Branding

What is Your Mission Statement?

If you can provide a brief description of the purpose behind your company, then you have created a mission statement. If you start a company, then you should have a purpose for it. Your company exists to provide some sort of service, either in the form of in-person help or a product they are trying …

Marketing Strategies

10 Lead Generation Methods to Consider Using

Generating leads is an important part of B2B businesses. In the old days, word of mouth marketing was the go-to lead generation technique. But now there are many other options of lead generation available. These days we have resources that enable businesses to quickly acquire quality leads, aside from using word of mouth marketing. This …