Get expert tips from Pensacola marketing consultants!

We know marketing in Pensacola can be confusing and overwhelming, especially as a busy business owner.

If you are a beginner at marketing and are trying to increase sales for your business through marketing, it can be difficult to balance learning and implementing tactics.

Our Pensacola marketers help business owners choose the best tactics to drive sales for their business. We help guide them to the latest and most effective tactics available. With our marketing consultation calls, we always give real advice, not advice that leads to you paying us money for our services.


We Can Help

Our Pensacola marketing consultants have been helping people develop their business' marketing strategies for years. We provide excellent, proven advice that will lead to more sales, exposure, and even a great return on investment. Our marketing team knows you want to do things yourself, so we're here to act as a guide.


How We Help

Our Pensacola marketing consultants sit down with clients to talk through their current and future marketing strategies in detail. We use a proven plan to suggest your future tactics, which leads to great results each time.

The Plan



After you schedule an appointment with our marketing consultants, our team will look at your industry to learn the best, and worst, marketing tactics. We only want to provide effective advice, not assumptions.



If requested, we can bring a report outlining your previous efforts. You need to know which tactics truly work for you, and which you should discontinue using, so we can provide these reports for you.



Our Pensacola marketing consultants will either meet you in person or on a virtual meeting platform to talk about your marketing tactics. We will take our time explaining our advice and will make sure we answer any questions you may have.


Recurring Meetings

If you decide to meet with our team again, we will gladly have recurring, scheduled meetings with you. Depending on your schedule, we can have weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and even quarterly meetings with you and your team.

Our promise to you

We know you have goals to meet as a business owner. We promise to be there for you through our marketing consultations so you can put your best foot forward. Additionally, we promise the following:

Research-Based Advice

We promise to give you research-based advice, not philosophies or biased opinions. Our team will only give you advice if we know it works.

A Vested Interest

We don't just want our Pensacola marketing consultation clients to do well, we need them to! When our clients see success from our consultations, we do as well. So, you can trust us to take great care of you during our calls.

Flexible Schedule

We know how busy your schedule is as a business owner. So, we promise to always have a flexible schedule with you and will be understanding with any need to reschedule.

The Golden Rule

We treat every client as we would want to be treated. So, we will treat you with respect and will put our best effort into helping you improve your marketing.

Ready to Schedule a Consultation?

Ready to start your Pensacola marketing consultations? We would be happy to schedule a call with you. Just fill out the form below and we will coordinate a time that suits your schedule. Our team is excited to meet you and help you with your marketing strategy!

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    Not Quite Ready For a Consultation?

    If you aren’t ready to do marketing for your business just yet, don’t worry! We know it can take some time to start implementing marketing tactics.

    Just know that we will be here to help you with your marketing whenever you are ready. Feel free to contact our team anytime. For now, we encourage you to sign up for our marketing newsletter. Our team sends out weekly blog posts to help business owners like you with their marketing. We may even answer your marketing questions in our posts!


    What are Marketing Consultations?


    Marketing Consultation

    How Pensacola Marketing Consultations Can Help You

    Marketing is a vital component of any business’ success. It can increase customer awareness, as well as boost your sales, But, marketing does take a lot of knowledge and practice to see success. Considering marketing is usually a large portion of your operating expenses, you want to do it right. If you want to start marketing your business, but don’t know how to get started, Pensacola marketing consultations are a great solution.

    Marketing consultants are experts who have spent years in the marketing industry and have a high level of knowledge. A consultant can study trends over specific industries and can help clients decide which marketing tactics to use. The field of marketing changes frequently, as do its best practices. Not to mention, not every tactic will work for every business. So, it’s best to get the advice from an expert if you are unsure of which marketing tactics to use for your business.

    A qualified Pensacola marketing consultant will give you the advice you need for your business’ marketing strategy. If you don’t know the most effective marketing channels for your industry and business, they can tell you which you should use. After some evaluation and discussion over your goals, they will give you advice for you to implement. Additionally, they will give you tips on what they have seen success with their other clients and their own businesses. Then, after getting their helpful advice, you will be ready to tackle your marketing strategy. Some Pensacola marketing consultants have different theories and approaches, so it’s important you find a consultant whose approach you agree with.

    Our Approach

    At Joshua Lyons Marketing, our team provides Pensacola marketing consultations to help clients improve their marketing. After we connect with our clients and their teams, we evaluate their goals, industries, and their businesses. We always strive to learn the most we can about our clients’ businesses so our advice is effective. Our team avoids wasting the time of our clients and giving general recommendations. So, we always ask for information first, and then we research their industry. After this, we will then present our marketing tips.

    Once we have done our research, our team will present our advice to you either in person or on the phone. Our team gives these recommendations based on our other clients’ success, statistics and industry best practices. During our meeting or call, we will answer any questions you have and will make sure you know exactly what to do to see success. We always take our time explaining our advice to clients so they feel confident and equipped.

    What We Do for Our Clients

    With our Pensacola marketing consultations, we give well-researched and proven marketing advice. When you use our marketing consultation services, you will receive well-researched tips to use with your marketing strategy. We are constantly studying trends and the best practices for marketing, especially for our clients’ industries. Our goal is for our clients to get the results they have been hoping for with their business. Depending on the industry you are in, our team will discuss the best tactics to use from social media to website design. Additionally, we will answer any questions you may have about your marketing strategy.

    Our team has been helping clients with their marketing tactics for years. We are passionate about helping business owners improve their marketing and get great results. With our marketing experience, we know how to guide others to success and more sales. We don’t push you to use our services for your marketing, we only help you do marketing yourself. But, if you do decide to use our marketing services, we are available and willing to do that as well. Either way, our team is here to help you increase your sales and get more exposure for your business. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information or to schedule a Pensacola marketing consultation.