Email is one of the most important communication channels for businesses. Although it’s a traditional method, it is used predominantly more than other types of communication. Having a valid email address is vital for any business looking for successful email marketing campaigns as well. Email validation is a procedure that verifies if an email address is deliverable and valid. The purpose of this is not just for furthering your organization and cleaning out expired email addresses. These tools also help in protecting your email sender score and maximizing the efficiency of your email program.

What is Email Validation?

Email validation works by a process of catching typos, identifying whether or not the email is still in use and confirming if the address has a reliable domain.

Email Validation Concept

Email validation tools help determine if the email source is reliable or dangerous. It runs a quick check by uploading a bulk list of all your email IDs. There are three different types: valid, risky and invalid. Valid means that the email exists and is error-free. This type of address will be delivered to the mailbox. Risky means the address exists but there are other factors that indicate the email might not go through. Then lastly, invalid is when an email address contains syntax errors and mailbox errors. For example, an invalid email might one that says “do not reply” where the message will not be sent at all.

Top Bulk Email Verification Tools

As you can see, email verification tools are incredibly helpful. But, what tool should you use to do email validation?  This list of services rates the top 10 bulk email verification tools through ongoing exhaustive analysis.

1. MillionVerifier – Highest Accuracy & Lowest Prices

Firstly, MillianVerified offers the most compelling mail verification services. Outstanding accuracy, combined with the low prices, make this service top-notch with a 99 percent email verification accuracy. This service has the lowest rates on the market. In addition, MillionVerifier is risk-free with a money-back guarantee and was rated 4.5 out of five stars on Trustpilot.

2. MyEmailVerifier – Best Email Validation Services

Secondly, MyEmailVerifier offers fast and simple email validation. This service has a 99 percent deliverability guarantee with their services. Its mission is to boost leads and help focus on generating new business. It also provides a real-time verification API for businesses to rely heavily on email marketing. MyEmailVerifier is the first to identify “disabled users.” MyEmailVerifier offers a discount to non-profit organizations and education institutes. The turnaround time is quick with processing a thousand email addresses in five minutes. Additionally, the services included are catch-all account detection, high-risk email detection, spam trap detection and toxic domains detection.

3. – Full-Featured Email Verification

Third up is EmailListVerify. This tool ensures their customers can validate lists of email addresses quickly with the best possible sender reputation score. It also gets rid of spam traps, hard bounces, disposable and catch-all emails at a reasonable price. Above all, this service has a 99 percent accuracy and guarantees zero false positives. The algorithm includes many services that ensures a full-safety and clean verification.

Verify before sending mass emails.

4. – Intelligent Email Verification

Xverify is known for its intelligence services and is a clear leader in bulk email list verification service. It can validate both B2C and B2B emails. Accuracy, security, trust and customer service is what sets them apart. Another factor that differentiates this service from the others is that you can call and speak directly with an email consultant, rather than having to go through a bot. Features include auto-correction, fraud protection, email list cleaning accuracy and email verification response time.

5. – Best Email Verifier

This service is easy, fast, simple, accurate and provides a deliverability guarantee of 97.5 percent. It has validated over one billion emails and earned five stars. It also helps remove invalid, disposable, spam-traps and role-based emails from your lists. DeBounce offers bulk validation, a single and bulk validation API, a WordPress plugin and a real-time easy installation JavaScript widget.

6. – Most Accurate Email Verification App is an award-winning email validation service provider. This service is a leading online system, used to ensure accuracy for companies sending complex and high-volume emails, and helping them avoid deliverability issues. All of this is accomplished by identifying invalid email addresses, as well as using bounced email elimination, IP address validation and verification of key recipient demographics. However, what makes ZeroBounce stand out from the others is its newly launched I. system and is part of the US-EU-Swiss Privacy Shield.


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7. MailboxValidator – Hassle-Free Email Verification Services

MailboxValidator is an easy-to-use email list cleaning service that helps reduce bounce rate while boosting sender reputation. This tool has a 96% deliverability rate, which is lower than others. But, it is able to validate the lists to check for invalid or undeliverable emails, to maximize marketing campaign potential. With this tool, there are two ways to upload email lists and clean them in bulk. These options are to use a CVS format or integrate with MailboxValidator API. Integration is available through MailChimp, Zapier, AWeber, Mailgun, Campaign Monitor, SendGrid as well as SparkPost.

Sending verified emails

8. Verifalia – Email Scrubbing Service

This service is a web-based email validation service which allows users to easily upload and validate lists of email addresses. Its ability to detect temporary mailbox unavailability, such as full mailbox errors, is one of Verifalia’s unique features. Furthermore, Verifalia offers three levels of service: standard, high and extreme.

9. – Best Email Verifier

This is one of the leading email verification service providers that keeps databases clean. It is a simple, fast and accurate platform. Furthermore, provides a deliverability guarantee of 98 percent. This tool removes fraudulent email addresses from lists, which results in a higher level of success with marketing campaigns. offers many features within its tool. For example:

  • Removal of duplicate emails
  • Detect catch-all email addresses
  • Validate syntax
  • Blacklist verification
  • Validation of Yahoo and AOL accounts
  • Disposable email detection
  • Extended SMTP validation
  • Spam-traps detection
  • Role account verification

10. – Most Trusted Email Verifier is a bulk email list cleaning tool that uses real-time verification as well as batch processing. Any user has complete security of their data by using encrypted data storage. It has excellent pricing, great services, is fast and reliable, and has a 97 percent verification accuracy.

Which Email Validation Will You Choose?

Email validation is useful and beneficial for many reasons. Validating your email can increase delivery rates up to 99 percent. Having said that, removing invalid email addresses can improve email deliverability. You’ll also save a good amount of money and increase your ROI. Lastly, you’ll have a higher conversion rate, which means more emails that arrive in inboxes, which results in higher opens and clicks.

In conclusion, you should choose an email verification tool that best suits your team. This typically means having a high deliverability guarantee. Also, integration tools can be very helpful. With that being said, the tools that tend to stand out are, MyEmailVerifier and


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