What is the best place to look for your audience? The answer is obvious: social media. No less believable is the fact that advertising does not have much power there, to the great disappointment of many adherents of traditional marketing methods. With that being said, you can easily attract customers on social media.

It is true that almost half of the users research social networks before deciding on a purchase. However, this does not mean their decision is determined by an advertisement or your next post such as “order from us right now, because we are the best!” Your potential clients’ eyes glide through such tricks, leaving you no chance to be noticed: they’re not in the mindset of becoming your fan as if by magic. But how to attract them in this case?

Do not worry, there is no big secret. You just need to adhere to some tactics, which we will tell you about right now. Get comfortable and take notes.

Using Tablet Immediately Exclude Omnipresence

Resist the temptation to create pages of your brand on all known social platforms. This is a trap that will only lead to confusion and deconcentration. You need to understand where your existing and potential customers hang and, what is important, where they are active, and stay on these sites. Ideally, it should be no more than two or three social platforms, but it depends.

This implies you have already managed to determine a portrait of your client and you have no questions regarding its particular qualities. If, heaven forbid, it is not so, go back to the beginning and do it first. You can learn about this by reading our blog post titled Why & How to Create Marketing Personas.

Having defined relevant social networks, study the behavior of your customers, their needs, and interests. So you can get what information they need and which posts will resonate best with them.

Add a Pinch of Humanization and Personalization

Hardly anybody thinks that by creating seemingly ordinary posts, you represent your brand. People will shape their opinions based on your style of presenting data. Therefore, it is important not only to adhere to the elementary moral standards but also not to slide into a robotic language.

If you keep talking about business and tormenting people with your industry terminology, be prepared to watch the scattered customers flinging up their heels. Instead, consider using humanizing techniques such as:

  • Relevant jokes, interesting facts, and funny stories related to your field;
  • Bloopers and behind the scenes video;
  • Out-of-work team activities;
  • Upcoming events within your company and industry;
  • Information about employees and their hobbies.

Your audience wants to understand that they’re not talking to a robot, and you’re quite capable of proving it to them.

Social Media Cloud

Take Advantage of Visualization and Interactive Features

Do you know that 80% of people just skim the text they come across online? So, if you do not back up the efforts described in the previous paragraph, it is likely to waste an excellent initiative. What follows from this? That’s right – use visual content.

According to the Hubspot study, Facebook posts with consistent images get likes twice as often as text-only ones. Increased activity is also characteristic of the so-called interactive content.

“Surveys, tests, tutorials, and quizzes are a great way to capture potential customers,” Head of Content Marketing at LinksManagement says, “Social platforms have such tools and it’s absolutely free. Think of what interests you: it’s likely that it will be the starting point for a new creative idea.”

Appreciate User-Generated Content

This is another underestimated way to attract customers on social media and build trust, which is considerable. Having your community of existing clients, you need to monitor them for your brand mentions and be sure to use it for your benefit. If it’s appropriate, of course.

By distributing a post containing information or feedback about your company, you show your respect and attention to the opinion of the client. Moreover, you set people up for conversation, which will positively affect the dynamics of visits to your page. In addition, you must admit that the shared testimonial of the customer has more weight than the next portion of self-praise, no matter what arguments it is backed by.


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The Mighty Power of a Call to Action

This is a double-edged sword, you might think. Too frequent wordings of this type will push subscribers away. This is too obvious a marketing trick. We will not use them. That’s a stretch. Getting rid of calls to action, you deprive people of understanding what you want from them. In addition, it all depends on how you wrap these formulations.

It’s not necessary to constantly call for a purchase. This may be a request to read the article, go to the site, subscribe to the newsletter or rate something. Some social platforms even allow you to incorporate these CTAs into your posts. Why not use it?

Hold a Contest According to Your Specificity

Many people believe that a similar method to attract customers on social media became outdated many years ago. However, mind-blowing statistics convincingly protest: more than a third of new customers join your community through contests and giveaways.

Everyone loves to take part in such events, especially if a valuable prize, discount or special condition for cooperation is at stake. Some companies believe that activities of this kind reduce brand authority, but this can only happen if you do not tailor your contest campaign to the specificity of your business. Which is highly unlikely.

Practice Online Events

Live streaming is a more advanced way to stand out among the monotonous pages on social networks. It may seem complicated, but before you completely disown it, evaluate its advantages.

Why do people like live streaming? Because it allows them to communicate with the stream host in real-time. Not a single activity will give you such involvement and no method will allow you to collect a huge number of active subscribers on your page all at once.

You can lead the event by yourself, give the floor to an expert from your company or invite an opinion leader from your industry. In any case, interest is guaranteed. If there are difficulties with choosing a topic, take customer questions as the basis: it always resonates well with the audience.

Using Social Media to Attract Customers: Final Thoughts

No one will notice you in a crowded area unless you can attract attention. Make your clients believe that you can bring them value, and not just drive them crazy with appeals to make a purchase. Spice up your page with the tricks we specified. Build interesting, useful, and human communication and you will see the results in the near future.

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