You’ve likely heard about the high ROI of email marketing. With a 42 to 1 return on investment, it is no wonder that marketing emails continue to be a staple of the modern marketing toolbox. 

While the idea of this high ROI will attract many businesses to email marketing, there is more to it than building out a verified email list and drafting whatever comes to mind. You have to create the right type of email content. Unfortunately, this is where many businesses run into problems. 

Instead of just guessing, you should spend some time thinking about what kind of emails to set up. While creative thinking is important, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. The following are some tried and true types of marketing emails and some of the reasons why you may want to use them in your campaigns.

The Introduction

Introduction marketing emails

The purpose of this type of email is to introduce yourself or your business. It could be used for cold emailing or it could work well as something that is automatically sent when someone signs up for your email subscriber list.

With an introduction email, you don’t want to push for a sale. The idea is to start the process of building a relationship with the recipient. It’s as simple as introducing yourself or your business, providing a brief explanation of what you have to offer and encouraging the person to connect with your business on social media or to contact you for more information.

Product Release

The release of a new product is a great excuse to send out some marketing emails. With this email, you can showcase the value of the new product and encourage people to buy. You could add pictures or a video of the product, include a CTA that takes people to the product page on your website and highlight the features of the new product.

Discount Vouchers

Sending emails with discount vouchers is a great way to provide obvious value to the people on your email list. With these emails, you can show appreciation to your loyal customers and it can also be a part of a strategy to increase sales. One tip is to make the deal shareable. As your subscribers share the discount with their friends, you can win new customers and possibly add some new names to your email list.


The newsletter is one of the more popular options for email marketing. It is a good way to connect with customers and provide them with valuable information. Furthermore, email newsletters provide an opportunity for you to establish yourself as an expert in your industry and keep your business in the minds of your customers.

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Announcement emails are used to share news with your customers. Maybe you are opening a new location or it could be to announce a change in pricing. You could also send an announcement for an event you are planning for the future. If you are having a big sale, that is another reason to send an announcement email. 

Offering Help

If you are an expert in your industry, you could offer people free advice in emails. It could be something as simple as sharing a little of your expertise in a way that helps the recipient. The recipient will appreciate the advice, and it can be a good way to demonstrate that you are an expert. 

This isn’t an email for pushing the hard sell, but it can be a way to introduce your business and get people interested. Invite the reader to take the free advice and mention some of the ways your business could help them.

Soft Sell

When you move on to a more direct sales approach, it can be good to start with the soft sell. With this, you aren’t pushing the sale too hard. Instead, you are talking about some of the benefits of working with your business and inviting people to get in touch. This can be a good sales approach if you are cold emailing or for people or businesses with which you have only had a limited amount of contact.

Hard Sell

The hard sell is tempting, but it is usually not the best approach. This is a type of email is intended to be very direct about pushing the sale. If you are catching a person with high purchase intent, the hard sell can work well. It will also usually have a higher success rate when sent to people who are already familiar with your business. However, this type of email can be a turn off to people who have lower purchase intent or those who have little to no familiarity with your business.

Beyond finding the right types of emails to use, you need to find the right time to send different types of emails. Some work well for building a relationship and moving people through your sales funnel. Along with that, you have emails that can be right for finishing the deal and getting customers to buy.

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