Lead generation is critical to a company’s development and financial success. The conversion rate is no less an important factor as well. It is a metric that shows how many of the company’s leads have resulted in financial rewards for your business. Do you know how to boost both indicators?

A conversion is the proportion of prospective clients who have fulfilled a particular action, including:

  • Paying for an order;
  • Leaving contact information;
  • Authorization;
  • Product/service purchase;
  • Registration;
  • Clicking on a link, etc.

Conversion indicates how much a user is interested in your product or company, whether he is willing to work with you or purchase your goods. As a result, one should consider the conversion rate as one of the key metrics to monitor from a website.

Site conversions fall into two types:

  • Conversion to leads. It is when the user simply expresses an interest in the company and the product (for example, by signing up for a blog or registering on the site). The primary goal is to obtain the prospective client’s contact information, to continue interacting with him in the future;
  • Conversion to sales. In this case, the primary goal resides in making a site user perform an action right away: making a purchase, completing a payment transaction, etc.

Google Analytics is a popular tool for estimating a website’s conversion rate. Moreover, using it, you can monitor other important metrics. Of course, there are numerous other instruments that can be used to accomplish this.

How to Skyrocket Your Website’s Conversion Rates and Increase Lead Generation

There are numerous methods for generating more leads and improving performance. Let’s take a look at the key steps you should consider using to make your website perform better and bring you leads.

1. Use the Right Tool to Boost Metrics

You simply won’t know what you should try to improve and how if you do not track leads and conversion rates. You need the right tools to track and adjust these metrics. The following instruments are the most common ones:

  • Google Ads;
  • Google Analytics.

2. Examine the Market and Your Competitors

Before you can begin to plan and implement any strategy, you should first analyze your competitors, their lead generation strategies, instruments, and content. If you are having trouble drafting a good piece of writing, go to Trust My Paper for help.

In any case, knowing what your competitors are doing can help you decide which methods to use for your campaigns to beat them.

3. Conduct A/B Testing

It is one of the most common practices that you should implement as soon as possible if you are not already doing so. Whether it is an article title, an email, or a new button for your landing page, you should test it first to ensure that everything goes as planned.

Conducting regular A/B testing can help maximize the results of all your efforts and identify the weakest points in your strategy before they become a serious problem.

4. Appreciate Quality Over Quantity

There are numerous methods available for increasing lead generation and conversion rates. If you use them correctly, you can quickly gain the attention of the required leads while improving SEO metrics performance.

To do so, you should focus not on the number of optimization tools used, but on the effectiveness of those methods. For example, instead of using ten instruments for content promotion, choose one that is effective rather than ten that deplete your budget and have no effect.


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5. Remove Distractions from the Visual Feed by Simplifying it

It is true that less is more, especially in terms of UX and UI. That is why, rather than trying to add as many items and details as possible in the hope of attracting users, you should simplify your website and remove distractions.

Instead, opt for visual effects and think about using video. This format can undoubtedly improve the visual appeal of your website. It’s also worth removing items that are not necessary to achieve your goals but just visually clutter the page.

6. Use FOMO

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is one of the oldest and most popular techniques for generating leads. One introduces it for different purposes. For example, to create scarcity and urgency, limited-time offers, etc.

It is quite common for new professionals (writers, hairdressers, tutors, etc.) to offer significant discounts to attract the first customers. When a client receives high-quality service, he is unlikely to choose another specialist who provides lower-quality services.

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7. Use Social Proof to Sound More Convincing

Because of its unique nature, social proof is an extremely effective tool for persuading a client to make a purchase. In this case, it is your customer who explains why the product or service deserves to be noticed, not you as a company.

To use this method, persuade your clients to leave feedback. Put all of the reviews and feedback on a separate page to make it more accessible and useful for customers who are about to buy from your website. You can also include them in emails and user content on social media.

8. Work on Your CTAs

A Call to Action is an effective instrument involved in the process of generating new customers. Using it, you can make your potential clients take the needed action. For example, buy a trendy coat from your online store, order delivery services from your transport company, request assistance with writing from your online writing services review website, etc.

That is why it is critical to pay attention to the CTA, as it determines the subsequent course of events, namely the purchase of your services or goods.

9. Make Your Website User-Friendly

By simplifying and removing distractions from various forms on your website, users are able to fill them out more easily. The easier it is to order on your site and the less difficulty the user has, the more likely it is that the user will purchase again and even share it with his friends.

10. Provide Live Chat Support

Even if your website contains all of the necessary information, as you believe, it appears so to you only. Users will always have questions, and the sooner they are answered, the better their purchasing experience can be.

By providing customer service via live chat, you enable customers to easily contact you and clarify any questions they may have. Timely and high-quality service can ultimately persuade your customers to make a purchase or other desired action.


As you can see, to increase the number of conversions, you’ll want to devote a significant amount of time and effort to improve your website. This includes not only researching the semantic core and modern design but also working on your site’s adaptability to all possible devices from which users can find you.

You should also fill your website with high-quality content that can be interesting and useful to your target audience. Although all of this appears daunting at first glance, after upgrading your site, you can start to notice significant changes in your overall performance.

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