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How Do You Create A Perfect Buyer Persona?

Knowing your target audience is a necessary step when starting any business or selling any product. What comes after that? It takes more than just having a general idea of who you are going to focus on selling to. It’s important to know why your customers are choosing your product or service and what challenges …


Why Should You Care About Your Core Web Vitals?

As the age of information and technology continues people are now demanding more. We want things to be better, work faster, be more intuitive and solve problems we didn’t even know we have. We live in a time where page two of any Google search may as well not even exist. Having a website or …


What is an Anti-Buyer Persona and How To Use It?

During our blog post, “How Do You Create A Perfect Buyer Persona?” we briefly touched on anti-buyer personas. We wanted to take some time now and explain this type of persona better for you. What is an Anti-Buyer Persona and How To Use It? So you have found some success from knowing who your target …

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Why Core Web Vital Results Vary and How To Get Consistent Results?

What are your Core Web Vital results and why do they matter? If you want to attract clients or customers, it’s a very good idea to build a website. These days people regularly go to Google, or other search engines, when they want to learn anything. And having a website is an excellent way to …


How to Write a Great Biography – A Comprehensive Guide

So, you’ve decided to write a great biography, opened your laptop, and nothing happens. All of the words and sentences you had been storing in your mind for months suddenly disappear. Instead, you squander four valuable hours gazing at a blank Word Doc until finally admitting that writing a bio isn’t worth your effort. Finding …

Chris Bigelow, Project Manager
September 6, 2021


14 Popular WordPress Plugins to Consider Using

WordPress (WP) has become a household name as they have dominated the internet, hosting approximately 35% of blogs, corporate publications and small business websites. One of the things that has made WordPress such a popular platform is the abundance of beneficial WordPress plugins available that help to personalize the user experience. According to, there …

Chris Bigelow, Project Manager
September 13, 2021


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Brand Awareness: What You Should Know

Brand awareness is one of the main things a business should consider, for the company itself, as well as its products or services. By definition, it is how familiar your customers, or potential customers, are with you. Your audience should be able to recognize your brand and accurately attribute it to what you provide. Within …

Chris Bigelow, Project Manager
November 15, 2021