Backlinks are very important to the overall health of your website. They can destroy your website or they can help your website leave the competition in the dust. The problem is that many website owners don’t know the first thing about backlinks, and as a result, they aren’t fostering the growth of their website and leads as much as they could. This series on backlinks will help shed light on what backlinks are, why they are valuable, and will provide advice on what your marketing team should and should not do, from a backlinking perspective. In this first post, we are looking at what backlinks are and why they matter.

What Are Backlinks?

What are backlinks? Explained!

The term “backlink” is what we call it when another website links to your website. Let me give you an example. I’m about to include a backlink to HubSpot. They wrote an article about this very topic, so it’s relevant to my blog post and I want to link to them. Here we go…  An Introduction to Link Building: Understanding the Anatomy of a Link. BOOM! I just made a backlink! I’m not the one receiving the backlink though. That link I just created isn’t going to my site. It’s going to the HubSpot website. So, they just received a backlink I created. Every link you see that goes from one website, to another website, is a backlink.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks are so important because they are one of the factors that tell Google how important your website is. Let me give you an analogy. Do you remember your early teenage years? You remember those kids who were the “bad kids.” Also, there were those kids who were the “goodie two shoes.” If you were a good kid, but got caught hanging out with the bad kids, then all of a sudden, people might have started thinking you had become a bad kid too. Or maybe you were a bad kid and you started hanging with the good kids. Then, all your “bad” buddies decided you were going all self-righteous and turning into a goodie two shoes yourself. It’s a common situation where someone is classified as “guilty by association.” It just so happens that Google and websites have this same type of situation. If your website is caught hanging out with the bad websites, then Google won’t think so highly of you. Then again, if your website is caught hanging out with the good websites, then your website gets brownie points from Google. Google determines who you are hanging out with by looking at the backlinks going both to and from your website.

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How to Get Good Backlinks

In a future post I will give several recommendations on how to actually get good backlinks to your website. I will say this though; getting backlinks is something most smart marketers and website owners will do over time, and not all at once. You can purchase a bunch of backlinks, and you can even purchase backlinks from websites that are credible, but depending on how you do it, you risk running into some SERIOUS problems down the road. And by problems, I mean your website could be completely removed from the face of earth (aka Google).

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