Websites are one of the best marketing tools out there and they provide many benefits. One of those benefits is lead generation. In this blog post, you will learn some of the best practices for capturing leads through your website.

Capturing Leads Through Your Website

There are many practices businesses can use to generate leads. This would be an incredibly long blog post if we listed all of the possible ways to generate leads on a website. Below are seven of the most common best practices that tend to show excellent results.

1. Call-to-Action Buttons

Get leads from your website by using call to action buttonsHaving call-to-action buttons on your website is very important for generating leads. This will encourage your website visitors to take the next step down your sales funnel. If someone likes what they see on your website, but they can’t figure out how to get into your sales funnel, that is a problem. Today, people like to act fast and tend to move on quickly if they can’t find what they need. Don’t miss out on capturing leads simply because your website visitors are confused and unsure where to go next. Point them in the right direction with a call-to-action button.

With most website builders, you can choose what your call-to-action buttons say. You can customize the buttons based on the type of lead you wish to generate. For example, if you are trying to generate downloads, you can place a button on your site that says “Download Here.” If you are trying to get people to sign up for your email list,  you can have your call-to-action button say “Sign Up!” Those are only two examples of what your call-to-action buttons can say.

2. Use Forms

Including a form at the end of your webpages could potentially generate a significant number of leads. But keep in mind that the type of leads you can generate with forms are limited. Forms are great if you are trying to build an email list, get people to contact you or request additional information from you. There are other ways you can use forms for capturing leads. The ones mentioned in this blog post are just a few examples.

Forms are highly effective because you can receive a large amount of valuable information about your website visitors. You also get to choose the type of information you receive from the person filling out the form. The leads generated through forms often turn into sales or new clients. If using a form can result in the type of lead you are trying to generate, then you should consider using one.

3. Gain Trust of Website Visitors

People buy from people they trustGaining the trust of your website visitors is priceless. If you do not have the trust of your website visitors, then expect to see very little leads, if any at all. People want to invest and do business with those that they trust. Gaining trust does not mean that you have to be overly personal on your website, but you should get out of the “business first” mindset. Recognize that your website visitors and clients experience “business first” mindsets all day long. You should be strategic so you can stand out from the crowd because of your trustworthiness.

To gain the trust of your website visitors, you should practice honesty and transparency with them. Allow your customers to get to know you, rather than your business. This can be done through your website content very easily. Share your story and what prompted you to start your business. You can also have your employees write a personal snippet for their profile on your business’ directory. Another great way to gain the trust of your website visitors is to share your business’ values. If your business values integrity and transparency, then you should demonstrate that through your website.

4. Have a Great “About” Page

Many underestimate the power of an “about” page or section. Your website visitors want to know more about you and your business. Once they learn more about you and what your business stands for, they may become more interested in your services. Your business’ “about” page is a great place to put the things listed above that gain the trust of people. This can be the place where your website visitors go to learn about your business, story, and values all at the same time.

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5. Make Contact Information Easy to Find

Similarly with call-to-action buttons, you should make moving down your marketing funnel easy on your website visitors. If someone has decided to contact you based on the information on your website, they need to be able to find your contact information quickly. As mentioned above, many people are not patient when seeking more information. You should make it a goal to have your contact information capable of being found within ten seconds of searching. This will ensure that even the most impatient website visitors will find your contact information.

Try capturing leads with a secure website

Most website builders give users the ability to place a “Contact” tab or form at the bottom of each webpage. This will make the process of finding your contact information much easier on website visitors. If you have the ability to include your contact information on each webpage, you should consider doing this. The easier it is for people to contact you, the better you it will be for capturing leads.

6. Make Your Website Secure

Website security is very important for website and business owners. There are many different ways people can hack into your website and steal not only your information, but your customers’ as well. People who are knowledgeable about website security tend to steer clear of websites that are not secure. Making sure your website is secure from malicious cyber attacks may not be the best lead generator, but it is very important. If you are interested in securing your website, we have an entire blog post that discusses security methods: What You Should Know About Website Security. If you do read that blog post, pay extra close attention to the part that talks about SSL certificates. Website visitors can clearly see whether or not you have an SSL certificate installed on your website.

7. Offer Something for Free

When trying to gather more leads, it’s a great idea to offer a free reward. You can offer your website visitors a free e-book, podcast, consultation, etc. to get their attention and generate a lead. Often times, simply just asking for someone to generate a lead is not going to show many results. Offering a free podcast episode in return for a website visitor’s email address will be much more effective.

If you are going to start offering free resources to generate leads, you should think about what services you offer. The free resource should provide value to your website visitors, and it should be relevant to your other services. This will ensure that when a customer is interested in what you’re offering, they are likely to be interested in your business as well.

Remember This When Capturing Leads…

You should remember it’s important to provide value for your customers when trying to get more leads. If you are already practicing some of the tactics mentioned on this list, reevaluate your offer. You should make sure you are clear and properly communicating what you provide your clients on your website. Being clear with communication is the best lead generation tactic by far.

We hope this blog post gave you some ideas on increasing your leads with the help of your website. If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to contact us by filling out the form below. We would love to contact you and set up a time to answer your questions.


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