A website landing page offers a promise of driving traffic and generating leads. With a landing page, the probability of conversion is much higher than what you would see with a regular webpage. Putting your audience directly on a dedicated webpage can increase your conversion rate greatly. This is much more valuable than simply driving traffic to your homepage. When done properly, creating a landing page can be the best thing to generate more conversions. Here are our best practices for creating a landing page of your own.

What Exactly is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone webpage that a visitor lands after clicking on a marketing call-to-action (CTA). This dedicated landing page is created specially for an advertising campaign which can be a social media post, search or display ad, or an email. When the user clicks the link in the ad, they are directed to this optimized sales page that is designed to generate more conversions.

Crafting an attractive landing page is essential to reap fruitful outcomes. However, some important tips and tricks for creating a result-driven landing page are already available on the internet. However, selecting the ones that really make a difference, may quite be difficult.

Creating a landing page

The Best Practices for Creating a Landing Page

At the end of the day, creating a landing page will be very helpful for your business. When you think through your customer’s buying process, you will be able to easily create your landing page. Additionally, when you follow some of the best practices for an effective landing page, you are sure to see success. Below are the best practices that help you in creating an attractive and effective landing page to boost conversion rates.

Ensure Your Landing Page is Mobile-Friendly

According to a survey report by Statista, 3.5 billion people across the globe have smartphones. In the same report, it is estimated that 3.8 billion people will have smartphones by next year. Considering the growth of smartphone users, it’s imperative for you to make your landing page mobile-friendly. This means, while creating a landing page, be sure it looks good on mobile devices. You can also change the design of your landing page to enhance its effectiveness on smartphones.

Did you know, 40% of sales are made on a smartphone? In this digital era, people don’t just read emails and browse social media on their smartphones, but they also sign up for services and make purchases. So, making your landing page mobile-friendly is more important than ever.

Consider Using Attractive Templates

People love to visit well-structured and attractive sites that are unique. So, you need to be different from the rest. So, don’t just start from scratch with a random webpage layout. Instead, select an appealing template and customize it according to your business’ goals and objectives. Make your landing page attractive to enhance audience retention. Websites such as Unbounce and ThemeForest provide thousands of impressive conversion-focused templates for designing a result-driven landing page.

Use Relevant and Appealing Images in Your Landing Page

Images are the heart and soul of a webpage. Good images help you to connect with your site visitors more effectively. Attractive and relevant images add a sense of loyalty and trust between your visitors and your organization. Thus, it’s important to use appealing and relevant images that can draw the attention of your visitors. If possible, do not rely strictly on stock images, but use your company’s images. Use real pictures of your products or team if you have them. This helps you in making your landing page more personal.


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Choose Your Color Scheme Wisely

Color is the most powerful tool that can dictate the conversion rate of a website directly. Your color scheme reflects the image and tone of your business. It is the first element that communicates with your site visitors on both psychological and visual levels. Hence, it’s imperative to select the right color scheme for your landing page. Picking the right color palette is crucial for making your landing page more attractive. A good color scheme helps to keep your audience engaged. Additionally, by using a good color scheme, you can connect with your potential customers emotionally.

You can use contrast colors to make your landing page more visually pleasing. Also, do not forget the CTAs of your webpage. Try to be more creative with the color scheme of the CTAs you create, but not too over the top. Keep in mind, the colors of your landing page will affect the visitor’s attention and thereby, their buying decision. So, choose a color scheme that signifies your brand image and is engaging.

Be Consistent in Your Ads

The most important thing to create a successful landing page is consistency. Consistency makes a huge difference in your conversion rates. Let’s say you have started a Facebook Ad to drive your targeted audience to your landing page. To start an ad, you need text, attractive images, and many other elements. So, make sure that your Facebook Ad and your landing page have a similar visual look, and both present the same thing. Do not use clickbait in your advertisements, as this may confuse your customers and irritate them. Be sure it is very obvious the two are about the same product or service, all while adding more information in your landing page.

In a Nutshell!

Undoubtedly, the landing page is a very important component of an online marketing campaign. By keeping your landing page simple, well-structured and attractive, you can enhance the customer base for your business.


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