Why Should You Use Social Media?

Social media can play a large role in your online marketing strategy. It’s a great way to gain visibility and an audience for your business. Social media makes it very easy to interact with your clients and to develop a greater relationship with your target market. There is even a chance that having a large social media presence can impact your SEO efforts! This blog post will give you information on the best practices for posting on social media; specifically on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. In the future, we will present best practices for other social media platforms as well.

Best Practices for Posting on Twitter

Twitter is a great platform for just about any business. There are many business owners on this platform, making it a great tool for marketing. Let’s talk about some of the best practices for posting on Twitter.

Use Hashtags

Best practices for posting to TwitterThe use of hashtags on just about every social media platform is one of the best practices for posting. Hashtags help people who are not already following you to discover your tweets. Hashtags act as a type of search function. For example, let’s say you tweet something about an episode of Dancing With the Stars. Let’s also say you have nobody following you on your Twitter account. With that being the case, nobody will see your tweet. However, let’s say you include the hashtag “#DWTS” in your tweet. Then, people who watch that television show can do a search on Twitter for all tweets that use that hashtag. Then, your tweet will show up and people can engage with you. This way, people who don’t already know you can find what you have to say. When a Twitter user is searching a hashtag that you have in one of your tweets, you will get more visibility. This is very helpful when trying to gain a larger following or exposure. We recommend only using hashtags that are related to your tweets and your brand.

Consider Using Mentions

Mentioning people in your tweets is another great way to gain visibility on Twitter. The user you are mentioning will be notified that you mentioned them and will likely retweet or respond to you, which puts your Twitter page in front of their followers. It will also help you create a sense of community among those you are following and your followers. Everyone likes to feel appreciated, and mentioning people via your Twitter account is the perfect way to do this.

Should You Retweet?

Retweeting is a good way to keep up with posting on Twitter. A retweet is where someone Tweets something on their account, then you essentially tweet the exact same post on your Twitter account. It’s kind of like saying “ditto.” Almost every social media user has a period where there isn’t much going on to post about. This is why retweeting can be a great option. If someone tweets something your followers would enjoy or it’s related to your business, retweeting that post is a perfectly acceptable option for you. Retweeting is not the best tactic to gain a larger following or gain visibility, so it should usually just be used as a way to supplement your own tweets and strengthen relationships with the people you are retweeting.

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Graphics and Pictures

On Twitter, users are able to post pictures along with their tweets. This tactic is highly encouraged on all social media platforms, from a marketing perspective. On Twitter, adding a photo spruces up your tweet on a platform that is very word heavy. If you are trying to get more engagement, we recommend adding a photo or a graphic to your tweet.

Best Practices for Posting to Facebook

Facebook is known as the “king” of social media due to its size and authority. If you don’t have a Facebook page for your business, you should probably create one. However, it’s worth pointing out that not EVERY business and industry should necessarily use Facebook. Different social media platforms are better in some industries and not so useful in others. Here are some best practices for posting on Facebook:


The length of your Facebook post can be pretty important. Similarly with blog posts, you want to make sure your content will keep your viewers’ attention. Posts with 80 characters or less tend to receive 66% higher engagement than longer posts. That is fairly short, especially Engage with your social media audiencewhen you’re trying to give your followers information about your products or services. If you want to give more info, consider making a link to a page on your website, that provides more information.

Visual Content

Posting photos, videos, or graphics is a good idea for marketing on Facebook. There are many factors that impact what people see on their Facebook news feeds. Photos and other visual content are ranked highly in Facebook’s algorithm. This type of content also tends to be good for generating greater engagement with your audience, which in turn, will help bring more exposure to your posts.

Engagement Posts

One of the best practices for Facebook is to focus on creating high engagement posts. Facebook looks at the number of likes, reactions, comments, and shares a post gets when deciding how relevant it is, and whether or not to put it in someone’s news feed. An engagement post is one where you deliberately try to get your audience to engage with you, through likes, reactions, comments, shares, etc. The more engaging your post, the more likely it will be seen by others.

Best Practices for Posting to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very unique platform because your potential employers, customers and clients will quite possibly review your page to make hiring decisions about you. When you have a business page, many people can look at your page to decide if they want to work with you. That’s a lot of pressure on a social media page. Pay close attention to the following best practices for posting on LinkedIn, to ensure you are posting properly.

Keep it Professional

You should keep it professional on all of your business’ social media pages, but this is especially true on LinkedIn. It is a professional social media platform, so make sure you aren’t over using emoji’s and that you are using proper English. You should still stay consistent with your brand presence and your personality, but keep your audience in mind.

Post for Your Audience

You should not post the same exact content on every social media platform. With most platforms, you are safe to post the same content, but on LinkedIn, you should absolutely make some changes. Your audience on LinkedIn is going to be different than your audience on Facebook and Twitter. They are going to expect more business-related content from you. On LinkedIn, you should share your blog content, your annual business statistics, and case studies. You can also share other articles that are relevant to you, your business or your professional interests.

Best Practices for Posting on All Platforms

When posting on any platform, remember to stay consistent with your brand presence. To avoid appearing like many different brands, try to keep the same style and brand image across all social media platforms. This will help your followers recognize your brand and you will seem much more credible. You should also keep a positive tone on your social media pages.

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