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What is Your Mission Statement?

If you can provide a brief description of the purpose behind your company, then you have created a mission statement. If you start a company, then you should have a purpose for it. Your company exists to provide some sort of service, either in the form of in-person help or a product they are trying …

Personal Branding

Podcast Marketing

Why You Might Want to Start a Podcast For Your Business

The concept of podcasting began back in 2004, but it didn’t get much attention until more recently. Currently, however, there are over one million podcasts (according to and that number is growing every day. If podcasts are gaining popularity so rapidly there must be a good reason, right? Well, in fact, there are several …

Jillian, Content Writer
December 28, 2020

Marketing Concepts

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Social Media

How to Become an Influencer

Anyone can be an influencer these days, but being a successful influencer is a lot harder than it seems. Becoming a social media influencer means devoting your whole life to it—your whole life is on display—that is your job and career. There are tips on how to become an influencer and how to succeed, especially …

Gaby Fish, Content Writer
December 14, 2020


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How to Build Your Brand With Content: 6 Things You Must Do

If you’re reading this article, you’ve taken the plunge (at least, showed an interest) to build your brand. At times, it can be challenging to develop your business model. This is mainly because you can easily get lost in the overflowing marketing techniques. You may not know it, but the easiest way to build your brand …

Marie, Guest Blogger
August 7, 2020


Personal Branding

How to Create Your Branding Style Guide

If you plan on starting a business and are not familiar with what a branding style guide is, you should start doing your research! Creating a branding style guide will help ensure your company has a clear and consistent appearance. Even if you have, or plan to have multiple departments or locations. This guide will …