A responsive website is crucial for your business success. Each year, we see web design trends that are geared towards improved user experience. Some push in the direction of rampant creativity like speed, asymmetrical layouts, immersive video backgrounds, mobile design, and more. Staying atop these trends will keep your website beautiful and fresh. Here are the latest design trends you should consider in the next website revamp.

Website Revamp Designs to Consider

Flat Design

This is arguably one of the most influential trends in website design. Flat design is an approach that features open space, bright colors, crisp edges, and two-dimensional illustrations. These designs are trendy because when this type of website is viewed, both on desktops and on mobile devices, it typically load quickly!

The idea of flat design is to get rid of clutter and focus on important parts of a site. But this doesn’t mean it should be boring. The simple imagery and contrasting colors provide an excellent user experience. Keep in mind that faster loading times make the site desirable to Google, Bing, and other search engines so you will rank higher when it comes to SEO. So, consider using this design in your next website revamp.

Broken Grind and Asymmetrical Layouts

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The concept of vertical and horizontal lines can help layout elements on the home screen. While most websites focus on symmetrical design, you can garner extra attention with asymmetry. That’s why most contingent designers advocate for a striking look for broken layouts.

A general rule of thumb is to use a text block on the right and an image on the left. This grid system helps to maintain consistency when adding headlines, images, call-to-action, and more. If you don’t use asymmetry, you can distract the user from the most important aspects of the page. Designers can achieve this by repeating irregular patterns, using unusual placements, and creative use of typography.

Augmented Reality (AR) for a Website Revamp

Augmented reality helps users see images around them. In recent years, many websites engage users with webcams and smartphone cameras to encourage them to buy products and services. This means buyers can visualize the objects in the comfort of their homes before they buy them. For example, you can use AR in the dressing room. You simply point the phone camera towards yourself and try the outfit. This is an affordable option for users who want to enhance their browsing experience.

Video Backgrounds

Videos are much more compelling than text. Some sites have made it easier to play the videos as you scroll through your feed. This increases the ‘average time on site’ metric, so visitors are likely to convert.

Video backgrounds can be useful when you want to convey a message to your customers in a limited time. They are effective when you want to set a tone, create a mood, or induce an emotional reaction. Perhaps you can use a video to express the essence of your product. If you own vacation rentals, you can show videos of nearby activities or accommodation services. However, you shouldn’t just pick any video. It should highlight what your business offers. This makes it a powerful marketing tool. And as long as the video is high-quality, it will do the branding.

As an additional note, videos can sometimes slow down website load time. If you include a video, be sure you do everything possible to keep the website loading as quickly as possible.

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Micro-animations enrich your interaction with the target audience. They help the user know whether they are making the right decisions as they navigate through the site. You could get something like – Did you submit the form? Is my upload running? Did I click it? These are all proper uses of animations to boost your conversion rate. The idea is to emphasize the button you want the visitors to click. You don’t have to create a cartoon. Micro-animations are here to stay.

Chatbots and Machine Learning

We all like instant feedback when navigating a website. Chatbots provide users with immediate responses as they filter the appropriate content. These bots understand the priorities of visitors and point them to where they want to go.

website design trendsOnce you implement a bot on a site, the user experience will improve over time. In recent years, Chatbots have become smarter thanks to artificial intelligence. It’s a way of giving excellent customer service upfront. And if the bot runs out of options, it will hand the user over to a human. The challenge comes when you try to convey Chatbots as humans and they can’t answer some questions. This leaves the user more frustrated. To avoid such instances, you should provide options based on the most searched questions. Another way of resolving drop-offs is by using Google Analytics.

Thumb-Friendly Navigation

Since mobile-browsing has taken over desktop users, the overall design of a site should be thumb-friendly. Have you ever been to a site where you had to stretch to swipe elements? Such mishaps reveal a poor thumb zone. If you’ve been on the lookout, most people hold the mobile device with one hand and use a finger to navigate.

A web designer should prioritize a few elements for improved customer experience. The clickable elements should be within the reach of the hand. Secondly, the designer should consider both right and left-handed users. Thirdly, you should pay close attention to the touch inputs like zoom, double-tap, tilt, pinch, and many others. This helps the user engage with the interface in a friendly manner.

Minimal Interfaces and Card Layouts

The fewer the elements on your website, the less the users have to think. This is often the go-to aesthetic of choice. If a website is designed correctly, it will show the target audience what they are looking for. You should make the process of navigation easy without many distractions on the way.

On the other hand, card layouts go beyond the loading times. They offer excellent compatibility and hence appear to be the future of the web. As an example, consider any type of website that has a lot of boxes as part of their design. Think of Airbnb with various properties all in a grid. Pinterest and Etsy are also very card-oriented designs. Cards allow for more intricate typography, giving a better opportunity for delightful visual design.

Final Thoughts on Website Revamp Designs

Web design combines a multitude of skills and influences how your site is viewed by the audience. If you want your website to stand out among the competition, you should bring something extra to the table. A site that looks modern today could look outdated very soon. Be sure to use the above web design trends to plan how you can meet the needs of your audience.

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