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A friend of mine recently saw a website and said something along the lines of “Josh, this website is amazing. I want to find out the name of the developer so he can build something like that for me. He’s going to have to be really good.” The website he was looking at really did look good, aside from not being an SEO friendly design. But then I ran the website through an analysis and told him he could buy that exact website design for only $44. I’m excited to share this blog post with you, because anyone looking to buy a website can really benefit from the following information.

Find a Website You Like

First, look around the internet and find some websites that look good to you. Look at your competitors. Look at others in the industry, in major cities around the world or at least around your country. Look at websites in similar industries. Go web surfing and see what you like. Whenever you see a website you like, copy and paste the URL into a document, so you can remember that URL for later. This is how you can find some general designs you like.

Use WPThemeDetector To Identify the Theme

WordPress Theme Detector

WordPress is an extremely popular platform for building websites. There are thousands of websites that have been created by developers and are sold for almost nothing to the general public. Once you find a website design you like, you can purchase the design and use it for your website. These website designs are called themes. You can find the perfect theme for your business and then purchase and edit it.

Remember I told you to go surf the web and find websites you like? The next step is to paste each URL you found into a theme detector. I like to use WPThemeDetector. If the website was built on the WordPress platform, this theme detector will tell you the name of the theme that was used, who created it, how much it will cost if you want to buy it and other information. Most themes are less than $100, from what I’ve seen. Now that you’ve identified the themes you like, you can simply pick out your favorite theme and buy it for yourself. This approach is far less expensive than hiring someone to build a custom website for you, for several thousand dollars.

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What If You Need a Very Custom Website?

You can probably find just about any type of design you want for around $50. However, if you’re really particular about what you want, you can certainly hire a reputable website developer to build a nice website for you, based on your custom specifications. I know some really great developers that I truly trust and respect. Do you spend thousands on a custom website or do you pay somewhere around $50 for an already established WordPress theme? That’s something you should really decide for yourself. However, I do believe most people can get what they need from the $50ish dollar option. My suggestion is to find a WordPress theme that fits what you’re looking for and just get that theme. If that’s not an option for you, look into getting something more custom.

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How to Edit Your WordPress Website

All themes will have some basic elements. You may purchase a theme that has extra menu options and editing features. If that’s the case, you’ll probably be able to find some support documentation from the developer. Sometimes it’s easy to figure out how to use the extra features, without having to even look for support documentation. However, you should be familiar with the basics of editing your WordPress theme. Here is a very good video that introduces you to the basics:

What to Do With the Thousands of Dollars You’re Saving

If you decide to buy a beautiful website design for only $50, you may have a little more in your budget for other things. If that’s the case for you, I’d suggest investing those dollars into your SEO and online marketing strategy. This is important because your SEO is what makes it so people can actually find your website on Google. Seriously, what’s the point in having a beautiful website if nobody can find it? Many people spend a ton of money on a beautiful custom website. Afterward, they often don’t have enough money to make sure the website is designed on the backend to rank well for search engines like Google.

What to Do After Purchasing the Theme

You can do all the remaining website work yourself, or you can hire someone like Joshua Lyons Marketing to help you… [wink wink]. Regardless of who sets up your website, here are some of the things that will still need to be done:
Get a good wordpress theme and save for SEO

  • Conduct keyword research. This way you know what your target audience is searching when they try to find you, and you can write your website copy so it’s designed to rank well on Google for those terms people are searching.
  • Edit colors and background. Make sure to put your logo in the right spot, change the colors or picture and make sure to include your brand colors throughout the website, in logical places.
  • Write SEO friendly content. People need to read about you and what you have to offer. Try to write 500 words or more, for each page. You can maybe get away with 350, but that’s definitely the minimum. Depending on the page, 350 words can sometimes be a challenge. The more keyword oriented copy you can write, the better it is for you.
  • Set-up your blog and the authors. Blogs are super important for SEO. Be sure to take advantage of your free blog that’s included with your WordPress website!
  • Add the appropriate plugins. Plugins can really boost the efficiency and appearance of your website. Do some research and get some great plugins.
  • Etc.

Josh, Why Are You Giving Me This Free Info?

I’m in the business of helping people get their websites positioned for success. That means customizing WordPress themes, writing copy, doing keyword research, search engine optimization and so much more. I don’t usually build websites from scratch. I don’t need to build websites from scratch; at least, not unless the client wants something very custom. I typically use WordPress themes for my clients and this saves my clients a lot of money. I want you to know that you can get a great website that will function very well, without having to pay an arm and a leg. I think it’s of value to you, to be able to use the WPThemeDetector to find themes that look good. If you can do that, and build a website yourself, then I’m happy to have helped. Then again, if you happen to need help along the way, or want me to take care of the entire website process for you, I can totally do that as well. Either way, you now understand that a website doesn’t have to be as expensive as it used to be, thanks to inexpensive WordPress themes.

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