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Have you ever wondered if you need a website? Most professionals and business owners have. This is likely due to the amount of time we spend on the Internet. The truth is, starting a website can take both time and money. You don’t want to waste either of these valuable resources if your website will not be put to good use.

So, how do you know if you really need a website? There are many different reasons people may need a website. It all depends on the services you provide and the type of website you’re wanting. You should start a website if:

You Have a Purpose

Making sure you have a purpose when building a website is essential. You may want a website, but you aren’t sure what you would use it for. If your website is not filling a need, either for yourself or for your customers, then a website might not be a great investment.

If you know exactly what your website’s purpose would be, then you’re off to a great start. If you recognize the need for a website, then you should begin building one, or hire someone to do this for you. Furthermore, if you already have a business but do not have a website, you should consider investing your time and money into creating one.

Your Customers Are Looking for You

Need a website to generate leadsAccording to the American Marketing Association, over 60% of consumers look to see if a business has some form of online credentials. 52% of people said they search business’ websites for information. 34% said they want to read client testimonials, while 22% check for online reviews. Customers are seeking out businesses that are credible. The way customers are checking for credibility is searching for an online presence. What do your potential customers see when they search Google for you and your services?

If you’re interested in starting a blog, you can use the free Google Ads Keyword Planner to make sure people will be searching for your content. 81% of online consumers in the United States say they trust information from blogs. People are searching for blogs to provide advice and answers to their questions. Starting a blog is a great idea considering how many people are interested in what bloggers have to say.

To Keep Up With Competitors

Check and see if your competitors have their own websites. Chances are, they do. When businesses have their own websites, they immediately have more visibility than those who do not. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can receive even more visibility compared to your competition.

Starting a blog is another way you should invest in a website. Businesses who have their own blogs receive 88% more customer leads than businesses that do not. Having a site and starting a blog are both great ways to get ahead of the competition.

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To Increase Sales and Leads

You can passively increase your sales through a website. According to SiriusDecisons, 67% of your customer’s journey is done digitally. This shows that even if you have a simple website with a small amount of information, your website is still valuable. Including your business’ address or contact information may also help increase your sales. Your customers will know where to find you and more information about your business, thanks to your website.

To Increase Awareness for Your Business

Brand awareness helps increase both word-of-mouth marketing and sales. If your website is being browsed, chances are, more people are talking or thinking about you. When people talk and think about you, there’s a greater chance these people will consider using your products or services. You can increase awareness for your business in your local area by practicing SEO. When you optimize your site for search engines, you can help people in your local area discover your business.

To Share Information

Customers are doing research before purchasing anything — big or small. They want information about a product or service before they spend their hard earned money. If you own your own business, you can share client testimonials or reviews from customers on your site. You can also include your prices or list the services you provide. A blog is a great opportunity to share information about your business and the services you provide. Blogging is also a great way to establish yourself, or your company, as a local authority in your industry.

Customers are looking for advice and information from blogs, as stated above. Your opinion is valued by consumers and you can share your opinions on a blogging platform. If you have any interest in starting your own blog, you should probably build a website.

The above reasons are why you should consider starting a website. If you have a purpose behind your website, then building a website is probably a good idea. If you have questions about starting your own site, feel free to contact us by filling out the form below! We would love to help you get it started.



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