LinkedIn is the number one social networking platform for professionals. It allows you to meet and interact with top professionals in their fields, especially with people you might never get the opportunity to otherwise meet. Because LinkedIn consists of professionals, and is often used for personal/professional branding, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of how best to use this platform. After all, you don’t want to come across as being unprofessional to peers in your industry. In this blog post, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about LinkedIn.

Should You Write Your Description in the First Person or Third Person?

The decision on this is really up to you. Writing in the first person can present your profile as likeable and relatable. If that’s what your personal brand represents, then you should write in the first person. On the other hand, writing in the third person is a great way to communicate professionalism.

One thing to remember is to reduce repetitions. So, for example, saying “Jane” ten times in your description can send the wrong message. The same thing applies to using “I” over and over again.

How Much Should You Include in Your Description

LinkedIn Description Length

The major aim of a LinkedIn profile is to increase your reach and connect with other professionals. It’s also a great place to find jobs and recruit in your industry. As a result, you should include as much relevant information as possible. Consider how the information you include factors into your goals.

If you’re seeking employment, you should add your relevant work experience and highlight your achievements and promotions. Depending on what’s relevant, you may include or exclude your work experience in other unrelated fields. However, keep in mind that your LinkedIn profile should represent an overall summary of your professional career. You can tailor the specific information to your current goals.

What’s the Best Way to Connect With New People?

When attempting to connect with someone, it’s always better to include a personal message with your invitation. You can use the message to relate why you’re interested in connecting, and how, if at all, you know each other.

If you personally know the person you want to connect with, you can find them by using LinkedIn’s search feature. Another way to find people, especially in a particular niche, is to join LinkedIn groups. You can increase the chances that people will accept your invitation by liking and commenting on their updates. Interacting on a group level also helps.

What is the Best Way to Approach a Recruiter on LinkedIn?

To approach a recruiter on LinkedIn, you can begin by sending a request to connect. As with other connections, you should include a message in the request. You can then proceed by sending the recruiter your resume. Because most submitted resumes get a response like “I’ll keep your resume on file,” your efforts should focus on more than just submitting your resume. You should make a point to stay in touch with the recruiter.

The idea is to stay in touch, not to pester them. You can share a link to a great article every once in a while, with a simple note. Recruiters get several requests, and so, going the extra mile and keeping open communications with them may be what you need to get an edge.

How often to post updatesHow Often Should You Post LinkedIn Updates?

How often you post updates on your LinkedIn profile is completely up to you. However, you have to remember that the goal of your updates is to provide valuable content for your followers. The two factors you should consider when deciding how frequently to post is how much content you actually have to share and how much content is appropriate for profiles in your niche.

There are LinkedIn profiles that post several times daily, because they have the followership, and their followers expect the updates. They also have a team that builds its content. If you have a smaller team, or if it’s just you, then you may want to consider posting just once a day, or a couple of times a week. The amount of quality content you can consistently create should be your ultimate guidance.

How Often Should You Update Your Company Profile Image?

You need to make sure that your profile picture is high quality, and that it represents your company. Once you have that setup, your followers are going to become familiar with it. Therefore, changing it frequently is a bad idea because it communicates inconsistency. However, you can update your picture when you have special events like campaigns and products launches. It can help boost awareness.

When Are Sponsored Updates a Good Idea?

When you share content from your company page, your followers can see it on their feed. However, with sponsored content, your company can reach people who aren’t currently following it. Sponsoring content is great when you want to reach a lot of people, especially those outside your current followership. Additionally, you can streamline your focus to people by location, profession, and so on.

Will the People You Connect With Automatically Follow Your Company Page?

Even though you can connect your profile to your company profile, they are still two separate profiles. What this means is that when you make connections, those connections are only for your profile; they don’t automatically follow your company page. They must click follow from your company page to be able to receive those updates.

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What Are the Best Ways to Get More Follows for Your Company?

There are a couple ways you can get more follows for your company page. But the most important thing to remember will always be great content. Even if you get new followers and don’t post good content, you will lose them over time. That been said, you can increase the followers of your company profile by adding a follow button to your website.

Adding a follow button will help direct relevant traffic to your page. You can also add buttons to your blog posts and emails. Consider including clear call-to-action buttons to prompt your readers to find you on LinkedIn.

What Are the Different LinkedIn Memberships All About?

There are several kinds of membership plans on LinkedIn. There’s Premium Career, Premium Business, Sales Navigator and Recruiter Lite. Each membership option can be a good fit, depending on your budget and goals. With premium career, you get three InMail messages per month, a broader network, and can see details on how many people viewed your profile.

The remaining memberships incorporate these benefits, with some additional features. Premium Business gives you additional business information and unlimited people searches. With Sales Navigator Pro, you can use advanced search filters and several other sales tools. Recruiter Lite offers tools that can help you with your recruitment, including guided search smart suggestions and projects.

If you want more control over your LinkedIn account beyond what the free profile gives, Basic Premium is probably a good fit for you. Higher level plans, like Premium Business and Sales Navigator, gives you access to more information and resources. Recruiter Lite is best if you’re looking to recruit for your company or a project.

Still Have LinkedIn Questions?

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