Google’s algorithm is designed to retrieve data and deliver the best possible results for Google’s users. Every year, the search engine makes thousands of updates that go completely unnoticed, for the most part. Sometimes Google gives a warning to the SEO community when a core update is coming. Here is a list of every known Google algorithm update we are aware of from the first half of 2019, along with what we can expect, based on these updates.

3rd June 2019 Update

This is the latest core update from Google. They announced the update was rolling out in their datacenters. With this change, you won’t see more than two listings from the search results for the same domain. One major change you should expect is on sub-domains. Keep in mind that the update does not target specific low-quality content but improves relevance.

Generally, Google understands the search queries and excludes spam content. The update overlapped with another one. Google Core Update ran through June 3rd to June 8th, while the Google Diversity Update started on 4th June and ran until 6th June.

March 27 Google Algorithm update27th March – Unofficial Google Update

This update rolled out in one day and caused a sharp spike in SERP trackers. There was a substantial interruption across top sites like Wikipedia, Facebook and Amazon. The spike of the update showed increased volatility on SEMrush Sensor, Rank Risk Index, Algoroo and SERPMetrics.

This update affected websites in the health, people and society, science, fitness, real estate and education niches. Interestingly, many webmasters reported traffic drops around 30th March. If you were affected by this update, you should focus on getting backlinks from high-quality sites and make sure your content is professionally written and of a high-quality standard.

12th to 15th March – Broad Core Update

While this was a significant roll-out update, it’s surprising to see how things worked out with SERP trackers. The Neural matching algorithm which deals with search queries and concepts and the RankBrain were the most affected.

This update was targeting Experience, Authority, and Trust type of websites. If you ran E-A-T sites, you should update and improve the quality of your content.

12th March 2019 – Core Update (Florida 2 update)

This update incorporated Google’s Neural Matching algorithm. The Google SearchLiaison called it a broad core update but was not targeting any niche. One common issue of such updates is the way they interpret the search query.

This is why links are the most important ranking factor. Obviously, these improvements help Google match search queries and improve user satisfaction. It’s worth noting there’s nothing to fix on this update.

5th March 2019 – Unnamed Update

This update took place on 5th-6th March. While it’s not clear whether the update was ongoing, the SEMrush Sensor showed high volatility in the UK and US. During this period, the Rank Risk Index showed modest volatility. Other trackers that were affected include the SERPMetrics, MozCast, and Algoroo.

The most affected sites were those that have more Experience, Authority, and Trust. When you’re hit with this update, you should concentrate on content quality. You can use the SEO Ideas tool, SEMrush tool or SEO Writer. Be careful because these tools tend to focus on keywords rather than the quality of the content. As you cover your topics, try to write naturally.

February 27 Google Update27th February 2019 – Google Search Algorithm Update

This update led to significant changes in the rankings for two days. It affected LSI keywords and backlinks. Volatility in the UK was high although it targeted different categories. This was followed by a reduction in visibility for a couple of days. Only a small spike was seen in the US which means it had less impact on the websites.

This update affects websites such as the online community, computer and electronics, beauty and fitness, internet and telecom, and reference. If your website is in E-A-T category, you should see some improvements. Make use of the available tools to produce quality content.

22nd February 2019 – Unnamed Update

The tracking tools showed that Expert, Authority, and Trust categories were the most affected. It’s still unclear what content the update could be targeting.

If you’re hit by this update in the future, you should first understand the rating guidelines for Google. Although the changes you make can take months, the hard work will be worth it.

5th February 2019 – Google Algorithm Update

The update targets UK-based queries. Initial observations indicate that the Google algorithm update hit sectors in health, finance, and law. Basically, these are topics that require a high level of E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trust).

According to SERP tracking tools, volatility was low in the US. If you have lost traffic due to this update, you should improve the overall quality of your content. Google wants to see a high level of expertise and a positive website reputation.

How SEOs should adapt to Google updates in 2019

How SEO professionals should adapt to Google Algorithm updatesWe can’t deny the fact that Google is investing heavily to remain the best search engine. It is therefore important that you think about your SEO strategy carefully and adapt to the new changes that follow. While certain optimization strategies take time to produce good results, some can leave your site in a worse situation. If you notice a drop in your search rankings and traffic, you might be affected by some of these updates.

So, how can you adapt to Google’s latest algorithm changes? Google does not rank a website based on products or services but on content-rich pages. This means that you can rank and make money when other companies are spending their money on ads.

While Google does not focus on placing rich content at the top, the goal is to provide the best experience for their users. When you see an algorithm change, Google is doing this because they want to improve their user experience.

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Google often provides information on what their upcoming algorithm updates will entail and what they are targeting specifically. If you give your customers the best content, your site will rank higher. Below are three simple strategies you can use to help your website rank better.

Strategy #1

The best action to take is to update mediocre content and delete irrelevant content. Even if your website is new, updating the content will give the best user experience.

Strategy #2

Secondly, you should consider backlink building. This involves acquiring more links from third-party websites.

Strategy #3

The third strategy is to keep your website well maintained. Specifically, you should fix broken links, media files and images. You should aim to do this roughly every three months, depending on the size and complexity of your website.

Strategy #4

Lastly, fix the errors within Google’s Search Console. Google will email you the errors, so make sure you fix them. If you don’t take any action, this minor issue could substantially reduce the traffic on your site.


When Google releases updates, it’s important that you understand when it began and ended. This can help you understand whether your site will be hit by the algorithm update. But when two updates overlap, it might be harder to analyze the changes.

Use the SERP trackers to check how Google updates affect the ranking movements on your website.


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