Creating a relationship with your customers is vital for the growth and stability of your business. Anyone in the industry understands that selling products goes much deeper than just advertising, among other marketing techniques. Your business is only as good as the customer service it provides. So, to earn loyal customers and create a positive reputation, you must connect with customers on a deeper level, and you can do this through:

  • Exuding positivity
  • Being responsive
  • Meeting in person (reading non-verbal cues)
  • Remembering you are human

Exude Positivity

If you exude positivity when working with clients, they will more than likely mirror that energy. The way you present yourself has a rather noticeable effect on the relationship you are trying to build with the customer. If you are positive and energized, this also says something about your products and business. Additionally, the right mindset allows your potential clients to feel comfortable and even look forward to working with you. Thus, creating that deeper connection you are seeking.

ListenListen and Ask Open-Ended Questions

Your customer is your primary concern, and you should not just be talking their ear off. Listen attentively to customers and create a relaxed environment where they do not feel pressured or intimidated. Your client should feel equal to you, and this allows them to connect with you more. Furthermore, do not hesitate to ask your client open-ended questions. To serve them the best way possible, you need to learn about them and what they want.

Be Responsive

You have probably been in a position where you waited days for a response from someone. You feel neglected when a business or someone you know personally can’t give you the time of day. The Harvard Business Review states that your chances of getting a new lead fall 400% if you don’t respond to the client within just five minutes.

You are losing business when you do not reply quickly, but you also aren’t giving your clients the attention they deserve. It is easy for a customer to feel insignificant because they know you work with many people. By quickly responding to questions and concerns, this gives the client the sense you care, and you are reliable. Hence, allowing you to build a deeper connection with them.

It Should Be Simple to Contact Your Business

We all have a horror story of listening to automated messages for hours trying to get in contact with a customer service representative. Responding quickly to clients is essential, but they also need to be able to contact you efficiently.

Set up your social media sites, websites and other forms of contact opportunities in a way your potential customers can quickly and easily reach you. Suppose the communication between you and clients does not feel like a chore. In that case, your customers will gain a sense of trust between themselves and your company.

Face to face

Get Face to Face to Connect With Customers

Connecting through a screen is possible, but not nearly as efficient as meeting face to face. According to a study retold in a Harvard Business Review article, it’s 34% more likely that a request is successful in person rather than email. People tend to underestimate the power of persuasion when you’re physically there with someone. Maintaining eye contact and reading body language/manipulating your body language are tools crucial to creating that more profound connection with potential customers.

Learn to Read/Practice Non-Verbal Cues

As stated above, things like body language and eye contact significantly affect a conversation if you use them correctly. A client could express concerns through body language before they spoke up vocally. If you read this discomfort, you can offer reassurance or further elaboration on the said topic your client reacted uncomfortably too. Furthermore, your client can study your cues as well. This allows you to show them you are genuine. A few more examples of non-verbal cues are,

  • Touch (handshakes)
  • Space
  • Tone
  • Facial expressions

You can tell a lot from a handshake. If the handshake is weak, it can suggest negative things. Space is another example of something non-verbal that has a significant effect on conversation. If someone is too close, it can become uncomfortable, and the same scenario, if someone is too far away.


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Can You Fake Non-Verbal Communication?

You can only fake non-verbal communication to a certain extent. A lot of your cues are subconscious, and you do not even realize it. There are ways to seem more confident or drawn back, but at the end of the day, your true colors will most likely shine through. So, ensure they’re genuine and positive.

Connect with Customers On a Deeper Level

The most critical aspect of connecting with your customers on a deeper level is to be a good, caring, and reliable person. Your customers should feel significant and cared for during every step of the process. Remember, you are human. Human connection can be exactly what you need to connect with customers.

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