There’s so much work involved with launching a digital marketing campaign. For instance, brainstorming with your marketing team about the campaign approach. Then comes putting together a plan to bring the campaign idea to fruition. You’ve also got to ensure everyone does their part to guarantee a successful launch.

As much as you’d like to take a breath after launching a digital marketing campaign, it isn’t time to do so yet. There is much work to do once a campaign starts.

Unfortunately, many marketers out there “set and forget” their marketing campaigns. They never seem to circle back around to assess if they’re actually working. As a result, they often waste time, money, and effort on tactics that aren’t working as well as they should.

Luckily, these results don’t have to be yours. Here are six tips for determining whether your digital marketing campaign was successful.

Refer Back to Your Digital Marketing Objectives

When determining the success of your marketing campaign, first, it’s best to refresh yourself on your digital marketing objectives.

Determine Your Marketing ObjectivesWhy did you deploy a digital marketing strategy in the first place? Furthermore, what are the goals you had for this specific digital marketing campaign?

Examples of digital marketing objectives are:

  • Increase website sales
  • Improve website traffic
  • Increase company profits
  • Implement paid advertising tactics
  • Diversify social media engagement
  • Improve organic traffic through SEO
  • Increase email open and clickthrough rates
  • Expand overall digital presence and engagement

Next, study your key performance indicators to see if you’re on track to meet these digital marketing goals.

Study your KPIs

Your key performance indicators, or KPIs, are well-defined, measurable values used to track progress on a specific goal or objective. For example, you should’ve established specific KPIs for your digital marketing campaign to weigh them against your progress on the digital marketing objectives you set.

For instance, let’s say one of your digital marketing objectives is to improve your marketing return on investment or ROI. You should’ve set a goal for what you wanted your ROI to be before launching your campaign. This number acts as your benchmark when you assess your progress on this goal once the campaign ends. Whether it’s higher, lower, or on target with your predicted ROI is an indicator of success or lack thereof.

Go back to the KPIs you chose for your campaign and see where you’re at. Here are a few critical digital marketing KPIs to study to determine the success of your campaign:

  • Email open rate
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Core web vitals
  • Keyword rankings
  • Social media traffic
  • Organic search traffic
  • Digital marketing ROI
  • Paid advertising traffic
  • Social media engagement (likes, comments, shares)

You can also explore the insights gathered from your data analytics tools to assess whether your digital marketing campaign is successful.

Analytics Tools for Digital Marketing CampaignDive into the Insights Derived From Data Analytics Tools

You use data analytics tools for a variety of reasons. Determining the success of your digital marketing campaign is one of them. Data analytics tools help you collect and process data about your campaigns. They also give you particular insights that help you make informed decisions about improving your digital marketing campaigns.

You should dive into the insights derived from your data analytics tools. Based on the data you’ve collected, what are the tools suggesting you do to forge a more productive way forward with your digital marketing?

Another way to determine the success of your marketing campaign is to gather feedback from your marketing team.

Gather Feedback From Your Marketing Team

Metrics, KPIs, stats, and numerical data matter when determining the success of your digital marketing. However, so do the perspectives of the people on your marketing team. Numbers may say one thing, but what does your team think?

Sit down with your marketing team during your digital marketing campaign, and just as importantly, once it’s concluded. When a campaign is finished, host an in-depth meeting with your team and discuss:

  • How it felt creating this campaign
  • Your digital marketing objectives and your KPIs
  • How to improve future digital marketing campaigns
  • What everyone thinks about whether it was successful
  • If it helped or hurt their overall digital marketing efforts
  • Whether the KPIs you chose were the right ones for your goals

In addition to gathering feedback from your marketing team, collect feedback from your target audience about the success of your marketing.

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Collect Feedback From Your Target Audience

One of the best ways to determine whether a digital marketing campaign was successful is to ask the audience that encountered the campaign.

You can send out a survey with questions like the following to determine if your target audience values your digital marketing efforts and where you can improve:

  • How do they feel about your digital marketing efforts this time around?
  • Did it address their evolving needs and desires?
  • Were their communication preferences and favorite platforms used?
  • Did it draw them to the particular product or service?
  • Was the content helpful?
  • Did this campaign bring them closer to your business and brand?

Lastly, success doesn’t necessarily equate to meeting all of your short-term goals. Instead, a successful digital marketing campaign could mean you’re on track to meet your long-term digital marketing goals.

Long Term GoalsAre You on Track to Meet Your Long-term Digital Marketing Goals?

With this campaign, you may not have met your short-term digital marketing goals, but are you moving in the right direction? Are you on track to meet your long-term marketing goals?

Whether you deem your digital marketing campaign successful or not, you still want to consider its impact on your long-term digital marketing goals. In addition, you also want to consider the campaign’s influence on your long-term business goals. For instance, did the campaign build brand loyalty? Will the brand recognition and awareness from this campaign result in more consistent revenue in the long run?

Ultimately, each digital marketing campaign you launch should move you toward your long-term digital marketing and overall business goals.


Determining the success of your digital marketing campaign involves multiple touchpoints and tasks. First, ensure you’re referring back to the digital marketing objectives and KPIs you set before launching your campaign.

Next, assess the success of your campaigns and approaches individually, and use data analytics to help you do so.

Don’t neglect the importance of feedback from your target audience and marketing team. And lastly, if your campaign keeps you on track to meet your long-term digital marketing goals, you’re moving in the right direction.


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