Welcome back to our “How to Hire a Website Developer” series! In part three, we explained why you should ask website developers for examples of their past projects. If this is the first post of the series you have read, we recommend reading previous posts for more information on how to hire a website developer. In this post we give insight on understanding website developers’ timelines. A website developer’s timeline, for when they can deliver your completed website to you, varies due to a number of factors.

The Factors Impacting a Project’s Timeline

Understanding the timeline of your website’s development is very important. Before requesting a quote and an estimated completion date, make sure you understand what all is involved with the creation of your website. Let’s go over these factors, so you know what to expect.

Understand your website developer's timeline

The Type of Website You Need

One of the biggest factors impacting the timeline is the type of website you are requesting. Websites take different amounts of time to develop depending on their features and functionality. If you need multiple product pages on your website, your developer will have to spend more time developing your site. On the other hand, if you just need a website with contact information and a few call-to-action buttons, you can expect a shorter timeline. Also, a website with particularly complex functionality will take longer to develop. An example of this might be a dating website, where people are matched to each other, based on specific characteristics and interests.

Other Current Projects Your Developer Has

If a developer is already working on several website projects, it may take longer for them to start working on your website. This could certainly extend the time needed to complete your website. A popular website developer, with limited capacity, can take much longer than developers with just a handful of clients or a large team.

Having many clients is a great sign your website developer is experienced and successful. However, just because your website developer has several other clients, this does not mean they should take months to get your website to you. Your website developer should work with your timeline and goals. If a website developer will not be able to complete your website in a reasonable amount of time, do not hesitate to get quotes from other developers. There are a lot of website developers out there. If one isn’t able to complete a website based on your timeline, you can find a different one.

Their Attention to Detail

Most website developers have a high level of attention to detail. This is a wonderful quality to have in this type of industry. Despite most developers being very detail-oriented, some are also perfectionists. A website developer who is focused on getting every little thing perfect will take much longer than someone who is not. Being a perfectionist is not a bad quality to have when developing websites. In fact, it can be a great advantage for clients. When hiring a developer, keep in mind their attention to detail can dictate how long their timeline is. If you would like to hire a developer who is a perfectionist, expect them to estimate a longer amount of time.

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Your Feedback Impacts a Website Developer’s Timeline

Perhaps the greatest impact on timeline is feedback from the client. A developer may promise to create a website within a certain amount of time. Then, after creating the website, they send it to the client for review. Sometimes a client will be very quick and clear with their feedback and the developer can quickly make the needed edits and launch the website. However, that’s not always the case. The website owner will often spend weeks, or even months, providing feedback and requesting edits. This can take even longer if there is a large team or board of directors providing feedback. The quicker you can provide clear feedback to the developer, the quicker your website should be completed. The opposite is true as well.

How Long Should a Website Developer’s Timeline Be?

As mentioned above, the amount of time it takes for a website developer to deliver your completed website to you will vary. A general expectation for completion should take between two and four months depending on the above factors. Another general rule is that most websites take about 80-120 hours of development time.  As a website owner, you should hire a developer at least four months before your launch date. This will give you and your developer time to discuss your goals and give your developer time to work on your website.

Do not hesitate to get estimates from a handful of developers so you know what a reasonable timeline is for your website. If you feel a timeline estimate is too long, or even too short, you can always seek out another developer. Your launch date is very important, and you should be able to find a developer who can deliver your website on time.

At Joshua Lyons Marketing, LLC, we strive to complete most standard website projects within one month, or less. However, that doesn’t mean the website will be live in one month. It really depends on how quickly feedback is given to us.

Understand Your Website Developer’s Timeline

When a website developer gives you a timeline for your website’s completion, don’t be surprised if it will take them a few months. Developing a high-quality and functional website takes time. Your developer should take their time making sure your website exceeds your expectations.

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