In case you haven’t heard, Facebook is one of the top ways to advertise your business and connect with your target audience. A page that ranks well for both Facebook and Google’s search engines can play a crucial role in new customers finding you and getting more sales. Thankfully, you can strategically, and easily, optimize your Facebook page so you can get more traffic to your page. This is what is known as Facebook SEO. Utilizing a few simple SEO techniques mentioned in this blog post will help you get more customers through Facebook’s search engine.

How to Practice Facebook SEO

Facebook Messenger

In any business, new or well-established, you are constantly aiming to scale your business. You are aiming to reach more people to inform about your business and your products or services. By interacting with customers, using relevant keywords and providing reliable information, you can improve your chances of reaching more people– All by simply ranking higher in Facebook and Google searches and keeping the context refreshing and easy to engage with.

Choose the Right Vanity URL

Choosing your vanity URL, or username, is possibly the most important step in developing relevance to all aspects of your page. Once you have your Facebook page set up, you can improve the full URL of your Facebook page. Containing at least one keyword in your URL is important to improve Facebook SEO on your page. Too many keywords can lead the search engine to detect your site as spam and can provide a poor user experience.

Your URL should make sense at once, providing a clear topic, and relevant content. The catch to customizing your own URL is that your Facebook page must have at least 25 likes. They happen to offer their own recommendations as to how to create a custom username.

The more creative and original you can be with your URL the better people will remember it. A clear Facebook URL provides a clue to the contents of a page, while an assortment of numbers and letters looks messy and incomprehensible.

Make Sure Your Facebook Page is Updated

Credibility is essential for establishing a trusting relationship with your Facebook page’s visitors. If you think about it… Facebook won’t recommend business pages that don’t have accurate or substantial information to its users. In order to keep its users on its site, the Facebook algorithm will only suggest complete business pages. So, you must give Facebook a reason to suggest your business’ Facebook page. To do this, you need to provide specific information on your Facebook page.

The information to include on your page is when your business is open and closed to the public. This includes both the times of the day and the days of the week your business will not be open. Adding your operational hours can save your customers a great deal of time as they will know when not to visit your location or contact you. Additionally, it can prevent your users from having a poor experience with your business because you are being courteous to their time by providing your hours. Furthermore, adding your operational hours can help your Facebook SEO efforts as you finish your business page’s information.


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Assuming there is a physical address for your business, this information should be on your Facebook page as well. This will have a great impact on your local search area results. Meaning that anyone who searches for you on a mobile device in your surrounding location, will find you with ease.

A social media profile that has the physical address of a business will help you show in local searches. According to Hubspot, 46% of Google searches are for something in the user’s local area. So, it’s critical you show in these searches. Facebook SEO can help you achieve this when you add your address to your business page. In addition to improving your visibility in search results, it can also help nurture your audience.

Create Facebook Notes

Facebook notes being made on a computer

Facebook Notes is a tool that many business page managers don’t use, making it a very underutilized opportunity. It’s a great way to connect with your audience outside of your basic posts and Stories. Notes allows you to write longer-form content, sort of like a blog post. So, they are perfect for giving your audience information about your business, products or services. Additionally, Google and other search engines use this content in their search results. They analyze the keywords used in this content when deciding rankings, which is incredibly similar to how on-site SEO works for websites. So, be sure you use this tool when practicing Facebook SEO.

To create Notes for your business Facebook page, you must add the Notes app to your account. To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your page settings
  2. Click the app link in the left sidebar
  3. Click add “Notes App”
  4. Move the Note app to your Added Apps Section
  5. Click the “Go to App Link” button
  6. Click the “Write Note” button to add your first note

Using Notes to practice Facebook SEO, as well as using strategic keywords can boost your page’s ranking in Facebook’s search engine, and Google. When adding images to your Notes, be sure to title and caption them with keyword-rich content. Any comments made on these Facebook photos using the keywords also make the Note more valuable. Therefore, the chance to rank higher increases.

Backlink to Your Business’ Facebook Page

Links are like advice to search engines. They guide the search engine to which sites have the highest authority, and which have the lowest. Google recognizes that the more high quality sites, that are linked to your Facebook page, as important, and indicates to Google that your Facebook has more value than it would if the backlinks didn’t exist.

The more reputable the links are that are connected to your page, the more trust will be proven with the page. For example, when someone builds a link from a website like Forbes or Psychology Today, these links are very valuable. However, links from a smaller blog with minimal content will be less valuable. Granted, it’s difficult for your Facebook page to gather these high-quality links, but, do try to build links on your website to your Facebook page where you can.

When creating new content on any platform, Pinterest, your blog, or YouTube, be sure to supply a link to your Facebook page, increasing your page’s visibility and backlinks. You can even direct new followers to your page using this SEO technique. It is simple to implement and a terrific way to gain the trust of your visitors.

social media impacts SEO

Publish Unique and Fresh Content

Posting original content strengthens the rank of your Facebook page by captivating and engaging users. New content is a suitable place to add in keywords either in descriptions, comments, status updates or any engagement with your audience. This will help your Facebook page show up in search results.

A post with a direct link to your website will undoubtedly drive traffic to your website, which boosts your SEO efforts for your website. Studies show that users in the United States spend around 14 hours per week on Facebook. And, Facebook’s integration has provenly driven traffic to websites. So, be sure to use your website and Facebook page together to boost both sites’ rankings.

Another idea is to integrate an influencer’s presence on your webpage to create authentic content for your audience. Having influencers in your niche post on your page can drive traffic to your website or Facebook page. They can also provide a link to an interview or podcast of them in their post.

Keep posting authentic content that engages your readers. Inform them with relevant topics to your page. Having poor content that doesn’t capture the attention of users is the number one reason why Facebook marketing fails. So, be sure you have fresh, and engaging content, whether you are trying to practice Facebook SEO or not.

Include CTAs

A compelling call to action button gives the user what they are looking for and an opportunity to engage with your business. “Click to Subscribe,” “Share,” and “Comment” are all examples of CTAs that demonstrate a click-fast way to contact the company. And, Facebook luckily helps you customize CTA buttons so you can choose which one to use.

CTAs will typically appear at the bottom of a page on a website or as a pop-up window inviting the visitor to act. These are actionable buttons that will transfer the visitor to learn more about the decision they are about to make. Thus, leading the visitor to make the first decision to shop and buy, download your most recent podcast, or take your instructional course. In this case, you can use it to drive traffic to your Facebook page, thus getting more traffic and getting a higher ranking. Having a CTA is a proven source to drive organic traffic to your website.

Practicing SEO For Facebook

Use these Facebook SEO techniques to perfect your Facebook page’s SEO efforts. You can rank higher in search results, increase traffic to your website and initiate a strong bond of trust with your audience and the search engines.

Following Facebook’s guidelines for optimizing your page will also increase your overall visibility on a local and international ranking. By integrating keywords, perfecting your company’s profile, and following the other techniques described above, you will be well on your way to an optimized Facebook page. Thus leading you to a chance to rank higher, boost credibility and drive traffic.


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