They Are Transparent About Their Processes and Tactics

Welcome back to our series about selecting an SEO company! In this section, we are going to cover the importance of transparency in SEO companies. We briefly covered this topic in part one of the series, “They Don’t Promise Overnight Results”. As SEO companies, we know that our clients seek our help because they don’t always know how to practice SEO. This is understandable considering it is a relatively new marketing practice, and it can be pretty complicated. As a website owner, you need to hire an honest SEO agency that is completely transparent about their practices, rather than taking advantage of their knowledge.

What is There to Hide?

As we discussed in part one, SEO companies can make promises to their clients regarding results. Sometimes this is unintentionally deceiving, but it is still wrong. No SEO company can guarantee how soon their efforts will result in a first page search results ranking, it’s simply impossible. If you hear an SEO company say this, they may not be intentionally deceiving you, but they could be misinformed about how SEO works. Either way, you want to hire an honest SEO agency who isn’t afraid to say they can’t predict results from SEO.

Another common way people can be deceived by SEO companies is when they hide their tactics. Unfortunately, SEO companies are not always transparent about what they are doing to their clients’ websites. There are unacceptable practices known as “blackhat SEO tactics“, which must be avoided at all costs. There have been instances where companies claim to have the secret to getting first page rankings. In reality, this is not very honest, as search engines make the public aware of what it takes to get a good ranking. There is a chance that a company could be hiding that they are practicing blackhat tactics. On the other hand, they could actually think they know a secret that no one else knows. No matter what, you should always hire an honest SEO agency that is upfront about what they are doing.

How to Detect Dishonesty

Similarly to what we mentioned in part one, you can always ask questions to test if they are an honest SEO agency. In part one, we recommended that you ask every agency, “Can you guarantee you’ll get me on the first page of Google in about a month?” An honest agency will promise you to try their best, but not make any guarantees about first page rankings. You can also ask each agency, “What tactics do you plan on practicing on my website?” They should give no indication they are hiding the tactics they plan on practicing on your website. The more detailed and knowledgable the answer is, the better.

Thoughts on Hiring an Honest SEO Agency

Most SEO companies are very transparent and honest about their practices. Chances are, if you are looking at highly recommended agencies, they won’t try to hide anything from you. It is important, however, to always have your guard up when interviewing to make sure you don’t hire a dishonest SEO agency. Your website is a very valuable asset, and you deserve to know what your agency is doing to it.

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