They Ask Intelligent Questions About Your Business

Welcome to part five of our “How to Select an SEO Company” 10 part series. In our previous post, we discussed the importance of hiring a transparent company. In this section, we go over the questions an SEO company should ask you as a prospective client. These questions will be a good indicator of how invested they are in helping their clients see success. Here are some topics they should ask you about:

Your Goals

It will be hard for an SEO company to help you see success when they don’t know your goals. They should be very interested in your goals for implementing SEO tactics on your website. Every business has a different reason for practicing SEO, whether that be to increase leads, drive sales, increase brand awareness, or just to simply get more website traffic. When you are initially talking with an SEO company, make sure they ask you about your goals. You want them to fully understand what you’re hoping to get out of their services.

Your Keywords

Have you already conducted keyword research before? Your SEO company should know which keywords you would like to rank well for and if you have made any progress. They should also ask you about the geographic location you would like to rank for with your keywords. Keywords are a very big part of on-site SEO, so this topic should be a top priority for the company you are speaking with.

Your Competition

SEO is essentially a competition for who can get a spot on the first page of search results. When you start implementing SEO tactics, the goal is essentially to knock down one of your competitors so you can take over their ranking. Your SEO company should ask you a question about who your local competition is so they can watch their rankings as well. If your competition is doing really well on search engines, they should also take notes on what is working for them.

Your Past SEO Efforts

Finding out if you have practiced SEO in the past is very important for the company you hire. If you have done nothing to intentionally benefit your rankings, the SEO company will need to assist you in getting your website optimized. If you have already worked with a company before, your new SEO company will need to pick up where they left off and make some changes. They should also know what tactics worked for your business in the past, and what did not work.

Your Current Digital Marketing Efforts

The SEO company should ask you if you are currently doing any digital marketing. Many marketing tools, like blogs or pay-per-click marketing, are leveraged by SEO companies to help boost your rankings even more. They will also be able to point out anything that you were already doing that helped your rankings. This topic can be forgotten about, but it is still very important for your SEO company to know.

Summary of the Questions Every SEO Company Should Ask You

There are a lot of questions an SEO company should ask before you begin working together. All of the topics listed above should be addressed to make the company’s job easier once they get started working. If a company only asks you a few of these questions, there is no reason for alarm. You can always tell them yourself and see if they are interested in the information. As a general rule, the more of these questions they ask, the better their services likely are.

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