They Have A Proven Track Record

Welcome to part six of our 10 part series on selecting an SEO company. In our last section, we talked about the questions every SEO company should ask you. In this section, we are going to talk about the track record of an SEO company. A business’ track record should show they are capable of getting their clients great results. Let’s talk about why this is so important.

What Does the Proven Track Record of an SEO Company Mean?

SEO takes a lot of time to practice and a lot more time to completely understand. It is not a difficult subject to learn, but covering every aspect of SEO when studying is what takes up so much time.  This is why not everyone is an SEO expert. A good track record can show you, as a prospective client, the company has the knowledge and expertise to get you great results. If an SEO company has a proven track record that reflects positively on their work, they are probably a great company to work with.

Another important reason to see if a company has a proven track record is to check its legitimacy. Unfortunately, there are fake businesses in every industry. To avoid getting caught up with a fake business, check the track record of who you are speaking with. No matter how great any business sounds, always check to see if they are legitimate and if they have prior customers.

How to See if the SEO Company Has Experience

One of the best ways to see if a company has experience is by checking their online reviews. Their reviews will show you if they have worked with anyone in the past, and what their clients think of them. Every SEO company should have at least a handful of reviews from clients they have worked with. If by chance they do not have reviews, you can check the company’s client testimonials. Most companies have testimonials on their website, but you may need to ask for them.

Another great way to check their experience is by asking them for some work examples. They shouldn’t have a problem providing you with some links to their previous clients’ websites. Once you receive the URL’s and names of previous clients, you can check their search result rankings to see how their services worked. If the SEO company can provide you with a case study that evaluates the effectiveness of their services, that is great. Not all SEO companies have had the time to develop case studies, which is completely understandable. They take a lot of time to put together, and they usually require working with a client for a long period of time.

Thoughts on the Proven Track Record of an SEO Company

Checking the track record of an SEO company is much more important than you may think. We all want to work with people who have experience in their field so we know we will see good results. When you check a business’ reviews, client testimonials, and case studies, you will have a good idea of the quality of work done by the company. You will also be sure the company is real, and not trying to scam you. With that being said, always check the track record and experience of the SEO company you are considering hiring.

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