They Don’t Implement Blackhat SEO Tactics

Welcome back to our “How to Select an SEO Company” series. In part six, we discussed why it is important to validate the track records of SEO companies. Today, we are covering blackhat SEO tactics and why you should avoid companies who practice them.

When you make the decision to start practicing SEO, your top priority should be to avoid blackhat SEO methods. These are tactics that are unaccepted by search engines and are deemed as unethical. Any SEO tactic that is used in a way in which it isn’t supposed to be is probably a blackhat tactic. If you are interested in learning more about blackhat SEO tactics, you might find our blog post, “Buying Links and Other Blackhat SEO Tactics That Will Get You in Trouble,” interesting.

What Are the Consequences?

If a search engine catches you practicing a blackhat SEO tactic, a couple of things could happen. The search engine could remove the webpages you own with blackhat tactics from search results. This isn’t a big deal, as you can ask them to recrawl your website once you remove those tactics. If you have a recurring issue with practicing blackhat tactics, your website could be removed from search results altogether. This is a much bigger issue, as you will no longer receive traffic outside of those with a direct link. Either way, blackhat SEO is considered cheating, and it’s not a good idea to practice it.

SEO Companies Who Practice Blackhat SEO

No SEO company should practice blackhat tactics. As experts in the industry, we all know the consequences of practicing these tactics. In order to have a good reputation with clients and to maintain high integrity, they should never be practiced. Search engines are very clear about what they consider to be blackhat tactics, so there really isn’t an excuse to practice them.

How to Avoid Hiring an Agency Who Practices Bad Tactics

When you are interviewing different SEO companies, you should ask them about how they make sure they avoid practicing blackhat tactics. They should say they stay up to date on SEO news and announcements made by search engines. It is easy to memorize which tactics are unaccepted, but it is important to stay on top of SEO news. Things are always changing in this industry, and precautions must be made to only practice accepted tactics.

It is very unlikely that you will come across a local SEO company who practices blackhat SEO. Maintaining a good reputation is very important to stay in business. Most people know getting one of their clients kicked off of Google will not look good to prospective clients. With that being said, it is always a good idea to be cautious so you hire an amazing SEO company.

Thoughts on SEO Companies Not Implementing Blackhat Tactics

Any reputable SEO company will know not to practice blackhat SEO tactics. They will also be confident enough in their work so they don’t have to cheat. When you are interviewing an SEO company, be sure to ask them what precautions they take to ensure they don’t practice blackhat SEO tactics. You can also look at their reviews to see if any of their past clients report getting kicked off of search engines. It is always smart to remain cautious about who you hire so you can trust them 100%.

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