They Seem Easy to Work With

Welcome to the last section of our ten-part series, “How to Select an SEO Company!” In the last section, we talked about SEO companies needing to update their clients. These communication skills relate heavily to the topic of this section–making sure the company is easy to work with. We all want to work with someone who makes work enjoyable, and not stressful or confusing. So, when you are interviewing different SEO companies, make sure you hire one who is easy to work with. Here are some things to look for:


A great SEO company will be very professional in their communications with you. They should also respond in a reasonable amount of time, especially when you have a question. Considering you are hiring them, they should treat you with the utmost respect and kindness. If they do these things in your initial communications, they will likely be an easy company to work with in the future.

Reasonable and Flexible Pricing

The SEO company you hire should have reasonable rates for their services. The cost of hiring an SEO company can vary by the thousands depending on which company you hire. Some companies will charge as little as a couple hundred dollars per month and some can charge thousands per month. The truth is, you really don’t have to spend a fortune on an SEO company. The amount they charge is usually not an indication of the company’s quality of work (as long as they seem competent and have good reviews), so there is no need to hire the most expensive company. The right company will work with your budget and will be honest about what prices are too low or too high.

You Can See Yourself Working With Them for a Long Time

SEO is the type of industry where it is best to work with a company long term. The more a company knows about your history and about your industry, the more likely you will have a better ranking. Changing SEO companies can be a pain because you must go over past marketing efforts and allow the new company to have a learning curve for your industry. It is better to hire a company you can see yourself working with for a long period of time.

Reviews Complimenting Their Communication Skills

You should be in contact with your SEO company fairly often. As mentioned in part nine, they should give you regular updates about your results and the changes they make. They should have reviews complimenting their communication skills when relaying information to their clients. This will ensure you are not confused about your results or their marketing strategy. Of course, not every SEO company will have a review that mentions their communication skills, but it is a bonus if one does.

Thoughts on Finding an SEO Company Who is Easy to Work With

When you are interviewing different companies, you should try to hire one who seems easy to get along with and work with. If you plan on practicing SEO for a long period of time, you want to enjoy working with the company. Look for a company with flexible pricing, great communication skills, and who is professional. This will help save you from having to hire another company in the future.

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