Having a lot of web traffic is definitely a positive factor in business, however, it is not very worthwhile if the traffic does not result in a conversion. Conversions include, but are not limited to: a purchase, an eBook download, filling out registration forms for more details, or signing up to your email list. A few exceptional cases include a news website generating AdSense revenue or a company attempting to create excitement around their label.  Having unique content can help to increase conversions of all kinds.

What Exactly Does “Conversion Rate Optimization” Mean?

Conversion Rate Optimization ConceptConversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a method of improving your site and increasing the chances of visitors following through on your Call-to-Actions (CTAs).

Online web traffic is ever changing in the current world. If on the very first try, you can’t get visitors to enter your marketing funnel, it is hard to get them to come back and do so at another time.

Implementing impactful CRO campaigns is an effective way to increase your chances of getting more conversions. A good and successful CRO campaign not only saves you time, funds, and hard work, but also lets you experiment with other growth methods.

CRO lets you understand your site’s user experience while providing you with user perspectives and suggestions.

CRO is a continuous way of learning and optimizing at the strategic level. However, when looking CRO and its components, the “ongoing” factor is often overlooked.

Content Types That Can Help You Convert People

Throughout your marketing funnel, your content quality is key. You can anticipate more sales if you can optimize your content through all the phases of the funnel.

To better understand how to develop content that converts, let’s focus on some types of content you should be using.

Content for Public Awareness

Content is a way to interact with your target customer and make them familiar with you and your brand. That’s how you attract a specific audience that will hopefully convert into paying customers.

Posts on social media, blogs, and articles are all examples of awareness content. A big part of creating content awareness is having unique content; only new and unique posts will create awareness.


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Content for Educational Purposes

When you create educational content, you attempt to pique your target viewer’s interest with the service or product you are selling.

However, rather than merely describing the features and functions, your content should demonstrate how it could help the buyer. Graphs, instructional videos, and blog posts can all be used to create educational content.

The content already available online is what your target market has seen. To educate them about your products so much that it makes them convert into purchasers, you should produce exclusive content. This kind of content can help your audience move through the marketing funnel.

How Will You Optimize Your Content for Better Conversions?

Landing page drawn on sketch padImprove the Content of Your Landing Page

You should optimize your content on the landing page because it will be the first thing visitors will interact with after clicking on your site.

Furthermore, you should make the content persuasive enough that the user “wants” to follow through on your call to action.

A landing page’s content should include three key elements:


The headline what helps draw audience towards your content and the material there.

This should be appropriate and instantly attractive to visitors by communicating directly to them. The headline should be short and appealing and in the center of the page.


It is the central part of your content that can grow interest in your audience so they buy your product.

As a result, your body content should be well-optimized and unique. The body should consist of a few engaging sentences and information about your product or service.

Call to Actions (CTAs)

This is the section where your visitors are encouraged to sign up for your newsletter, sign up for a free trial, download your free resource, and grab the offer now, or take any other desired action.

The CTA should be easy to do and very direct, informing people clearly on what they should be doing.

Develop More Valuable, Relatable and Unique Content

Purchase order written on paperIt is difficult to optimize your content for conversions unless you first understand what your current content marketing strategy is.

You should develop content that is appropriate to your products, while still offering benefits to clients.

Instead of being overly promotional, your content should be informative, unique and beneficial to readers; it should make them want to purchase your product or service.

Your content can easily be educational, relevant, and beneficial, but to keep your content distinctive and exclusive takes effort and time.

It is one of the main aspect of content marketing that can increase or decrease your conversion rate.

Your content should not have copied or plagiarized data; it should be 100% new and unique.

Now here comes a question, “how you can make your content unique and plagiarism-free?”

The answer is actually pretty simple. Just use a tool like Paraphraser.io to help with the process of rewriting your content. But, even then, you’ll want to make sure the content reads well and is plagiarism free. If you have any doubts, consider using Quetext to run an audit on the content. That’s Joshua Lyons Marketing’s go-to software to make sure content is not plagiarized.

Features of Paraphraser.io:

This tool consists of different modes in which it paraphrases the content.

Mode 1 [Simple]: This mode replaces words with their best possible synonyms. It allows you to paraphrase an unlimited number of words.

Mode 2: [Advanced]: If you don’t like the fully automated synonym replacement, you can insert your own words. You can call this mode a word changer. There is no limit to words in this mode either.

Artificial intelligence conceptMode 3: [AI Mode]: This is a state-of-the-art paraphrase tool that changes words and rewrites complex sentences into simpler ones. It has sub-modes including;

  • Fluency
  • Creative

To paraphrase the content, click the Select File button and upload the file in.doc//jjlyonsmarketing-18a33.kxcdn.com/.Docx/.txt/.pdf format.

To rewrite online, paste the content into a paraphrasing tool.

This paraphraser is SEO-friendly. It can also handle SEO content while not changing your keyword structure. By rephrasing the file, it eliminates plagiarism from the text.

This tool is entirely free to use.

Features of Rephrase.info

Rephrase.info is another excellent paraphrasing tool for your service with some fantastic features.

You get accurate information within your unique content. When paraphrasing, it exempts unnecessary data and provides only relating passages.

Each time you hit the paraphrase button, the AI technology rewrites the text and makes it different and exclusive.

The data or text you have paraphrased will not be shared or sold by this tool at all. You are welcome to paraphrase your articles, thesis, assignment or blog posts. This tool provides you with 100% security for your content.

This tool is entirely free for paraphrasing.

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