There’s so much happening on the internet. In fact, Bill Gates said if your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. Although the internet is extremely valuable for marketing, it is sometimes challenging to have a cohesive marketing strategy. For that reason, we have decided to write this article. Our goal is to introduce you to some of the popular components used in a cohesive marketing strategy. It will also explain how you can begin to implement this type of strategy in your own business

What Makes a Digital Marketing Strategy Cohesive?

The word “cohesive” is derived from the word “cohesion,” which is the action of making something whole. Most digital marketing strategies out there are not cohesive because they are missing key elements. Without the knowledge or implementation of these key elements, a digital marketing plan will often fail.

A website is important for creating a cohesive marketing strategyHaving a website is one of the most popular components to any cohesive digital marketing strategy. Other components include creating a competitive analysis, defining your target audience, measuring your KPIs, having a re-targeting strategy, utilizing social media platforms, automating your sales funnels and many other aspects.


Without a website it will be very difficult for your marketing strategy will have quality cohesion. There needs to be something where people are directed to and this is a key element.

A website doesn’t have to be fancy or cost a fortune. Also, it’s usually a great idea to build a solid landing page. These types of pages are beneficial because they will do the selling for you. The ultimate goal of this type of landing page is to get people into an email list. The email list will then move the potential customer or client through sales funnel. A website is a major component to creating marketing strategy cohesion.

Competitive Analysis

Before launching your marketing strategy, it’s very useful to understand who your competition is. This is necessary and creates cohesion because you will be able to see examples of how other companies are doing things well, and how they’re doing things poorly. You can pick and choose elements you like about their marketing strategy. Then, put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, in order to tailor your message differently.

Most companies do the opposite and look at what their competitors are doing, in order to copy or emulate them. However, this isn’t a best practice. The main goal is to separate yourself from your competition and be unique. Analyze your competition to find and create a competitive edge.

Defining Your Target Audience

Without knowing your target audience you’ll be shooting in the dark. It’s said if your product is for everyone, then it’s for no one. Defining your target audience should be the first thing you do before planning a marketing campaign. The customer or client is the one who will ultimately pay you, so be sure to understand them.

Use KPIs to evaluate marketing performanceMeasuring Your KPIs

Measuring your key performance indicators (KPIs) is like tracking your progress at the gym. You must be constantly looking at how your website is doing, how much money you’re spending on ads, how many new referrals you acquired this month, and so on.

KPIs will be different depending on your business and industry, so you will need to figure out what they are and keep an eye on them. When launching an online marketing strategy, your KPIs will be your cost per click (CPC), your email deliveries, site visits, conversions, cost per acquisition (CPA), bounce rates, content shares and more.


Most businesses’ online marketing strategies fall apart because they have no way of re-targeting their potential customers once they leave your website. However, with a “re-targeting” campaign, your ads can follow your potential customer or client and show up in other third-party websites. Your previous website visitors will often be surprised to keep seeing ads for your business. But, the consistent exposure for your business will help keep your products or services at the front of their minds.

A person typicallya requires an average of seven encounters with your brand before they will make a purchase or submit to your call to action. That means if they don’t do anything in the first ad, you should be able to show them another one on the next page they visit, and on the next, and on the next until they’ve seen you enough to make a choice. Re-targeting allows this to happen so you can retain more visibility and convert more leads.

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Social Media Strategies

Social media has become a defining factor in marketing and sales and having a powerful social media strategy can grow your business tremendously. Simply using Facebook’s marketing platform will allow you to hyper-target your audience by selecting age, demographic, interests and much more. To learn more about effectively using social media for your marketing, read our “Social Media” blog posts.


Automation brings everything together and will enable you to sleep better at night. Having an automated email campaign where prospective customers or clients can submit their email address on your website is extremely useful. Direct your subscribers into a sales funnel where they will receive a series of emails. These emails will guide them through a sales process that can be 100% automated.

Also, scheduling your social media posts and blog posts in advance will save you time and mental focus. Every time an email or a blog post is sent or posted you will be able to measure the KPIs later to see how well they did. Using paid advertising through Facebook will allow you to use those native posts to show them to thousands, or hundreds of thousands of people.

Using all the components presented in this blog post will help you develop a cohesive marketing strategy you can rely on and scale. If you need help developing or managing a cohesive marketing strategy for your business, let us know. We would be happy to assist you with this. You can reach out to us be filling out the contact form on our website, or by scrolling further down on this page.


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