In a frenzy to write as many words and blog posts as possible, marketing specialists at times lose their focus on one of the most important and widely suggested strategies – repurposing content. When a content writer repurposes their content, they have the opportunity to make their old content better. They can also save themselves a great deal of time. In this blog post will help you explore practical tips on repurposing content to boost exposure and seamlessly reach your target audience.

Identify Your Most Popular Content

For those who manage a WordPress blog or any CMS, it is easy to identify the top-performing blog posts on their website. You can see which content is actively getting website traffic every day because the blog post is always relevant. You could also say this blog content is not time sensitive. Many people call these popular posts “evergreen content.” No matter when you first published it, repurposing your evergreen content is a great tactic.

An easy way to identify your best content is by checking the number of visitors the post gets per day and how many times it has been shared on social media. You can also look at factors like blog comments and backlinks in your research. All of these statistics, when put together, will give you an idea of the potential reach of the content has and its popularity.

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What is Content Repurposing?

The concept of content repurposing emerged when people saw the effort they spent creating new content had limited results. Reusing the most popular and well-received content time and time again proves to be a great use of time. This is because the content is already popular, so continuing to share it is very beneficial. With that being said, repurposing content for other platforms is a great marketing tactic.

The different types of content you create, such as blogs, infographics, videos, etc. can be repurposed into other forms. This is to reach more people in your target audience. Many people spend time on social media and splitting their content into smaller posts for Facebook or Twitter. This helps to get a wider reach while also allowing them to bring you back to their blog to read the full post.

By the way, check out the video we embedded next to this paragraph. You can see we repurposed the blog post we mentioned above, so it can be shared in video format. But, the video is just a teaser, designed to bring people back to our blog. This is an example of repurposing content.

Easy and Productive Ways to Repurpose Content

There are several ways you can effectively repurpose your old content. However, before you start repurposing content, it’s a great idea to evaluate your target audience. This way, you can make the best decision regarding how to repurpose your content. Different audiences will respond to different forms of content, so be sure to choose the most appropriate options.

Utilize the Power of Visual Representation

People love art and visually appealing material such as infographics. Instead of reading a 1000-word blog post, when you split it into multiple parts in an infographic, the reach can be great. Websites like Pinterest and Instagram have a design that allows content marketing professionals to share images that attract the target audience. If you have a team of designers, it is smart to share your blog post with them so that it can be converted into an infographic. There is always the option to make use of pre-built templates, where all you need to do is fill up the content and create quick infographics. Such templates will come in handy for companies that don’t have a dedicated design team.

Repurposing contentRepurposing Content Provides the Best of Everything

Throughout the years, content marketers and statistics reveal that people love to read lists that bring the best of everything together. If you go to YouTube and check quite a few videos, you will easily come across several ‘top 10’ or ‘best’-type videos. Many bloggers repurpose their content by making new blog posts. Other bloggers repurpose their written content into the form of videos. Even video creators use the tactic of repurposing content as well. Doing this is to simply collect some video snippets from the past and combine them into a single video.

Derive a Video Script Out of Your Blog

When creating a new video, the entire script is written from scratch, which takes a lot of time. A viable alternative of repurposing content to boost exposure is picking all the points that you have already written in a blog post, and present them in a video format. For companies and brands that have a YouTube channel, the video created can be used as a method to market their products or services to a whole new set of viewers. This way they are targeting people who prefer watching a video rather than reading text content. This concept is what we did in the embedded video example above. But, we just condensed the text to highlight the main points, rather than going into a long video.

Consider Using Medium

Many bloggers drive thousands of visitors to their pages by simply copy and pasting the content created for their blogs. They do this by posting on the ‘Medium’ platform. With its massive fanbase and the concept of publishing informative content on the front page, Medium is one of the most trusted marketing platforms you can use to promote your content.

Syndicating your existing content is not the best strategy and it can lead to SEO problems if not done correctly. A better strategy would be to create unique blog posts on topics that can strengthen what you are promoting in the first place. You can leverage the exposure that Medium is able to provide for your brand, to reach a wider audience.

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Practical Benefits of Repurposing Content

  • The time spent researching topics all over again can be saved when you have just one great blog post. This post can be repurposed into several other content pieces such as videos or infographics.
  • The content created can be made available on different platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. This helps you reach a wider audience, including those who might not have otherwise visited your blog.
  • It creates a solid brand image with a wide presence on multiple platforms.
  • Repurposing content strengthens your search engine optimization strategy as the select set of keywords are repeatedly used in all your content.
  • When your evergreen content is available on various platforms, it will reach a larger audience over time.
  • The process allows better use of existing resources and saves your employees time.  They can then focus on doing other important tasks.

Bring in Your Audience with Little Tweaks to Your Content Marketing Strategy

The task of repurposing content to boost exposure may sound complicated at first, but when you start bringing the pieces together, it is quite simple. It saves you time and allows your workforce to make the most out of the content that is already created. The best digital marketing strategy is the one that allows you to create content that will then be converted into videos, infographics, blog posts, podcasts, or eBooks to reach a wide range of audiences on many different platforms.

If you would like to receive more advice on repurposing your content, please feel free to contact us. We would love to speak with you and help you use your evergreen content. You can use the contact form below to send us a message.


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