By January 3, 2019

Josh Lyons methods to blogging were a pivotal point in my success in the commercial real estate sector. During the first quarter of 2014, Josh and I put together a marketing plan to make myself visible in the CRE world. Our goal was to bring value to my name and make it synonymous with hotel experts. We set benchmarks in social media (i.e. Linked-in Rankings, Followers and Shared Blogs), tracked unique blog “opens” and SEO Rankings in my market place. Lyons coaching helped improve my writing skills by targeting key word terminology, depth of industry specific terms and blog structure (to optimize SEO). Over the course of a few weeks I begin to see a significant difference in my visibility online and in the social media world. After months I began hitting my benchmarks within a year I was number 1 in Google searches several industry specific terms such as, Hotels for Sale Pensacola, Hotel Broker Pensacola, Interior Hotels Pensacola***you may want to check this****. This was valuable in my industry because it got the phone ringing and driving leads. In the beginning of this process I had zero experience with hotel real estate. Within a year known as a hotel expert in my area, giving me instant credit bankers, landowners and investors in the area This also led to alliances with my hotel realtors with in my company, nationwide. This boosted me up to become part of the Hospitality Council with in Sperry Van Ness. Without Josh Lyons’ professional approach to my personal marketing plan, writing blogs and his help executing the strategy, I don’t believe any audience would have recognized me as a hotel expert.


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