By December 5, 2018

I started blogging before Josh joined our team. My posts were inconsistent in timing and topic. We thought just getting something out there was enough to get attention from prospects. Now that Josh has shown our team the right way, I see that we were just creating noise and not adding anything of value.

Josh creates a specific plan of action in everything that he does. Rather than throwing ideas out there and seeing what works, Josh has encouraged us to focus our social media topics, messages, platforms, etc on something that is consistent and structured. I am no longer expecting the phone to ring after writing one interesting blog. Instead, I am receiving listing and tenant leads from long-term readers of my blog series. The blogs have helped to create an image for myself in the community as a “local expert” in my specialty. In fact, agents from other brokerages have referred clients to me!

Josh created a specific marketing plan for each agent in our office with detailed recommendations of how we can increase our personal brand awareness. He has directed us to focus on one platform at a time until we are comfortable at providing consistent and interesting messages from that platform. This has allowed us to grow our social media exposure in easily manageable steps that do not overwhelm us. This tactic also keeps our readers engaged because our content is consistent and reliable.

Most importantly, Josh has strong analytic skills that he puts ahead of his creativity. He continuously monitors the results of all marketing efforts using spreadsheets and website analytics software to make sure that all the creative strategies we attempt are effective. Not only can I see the results of his marketing assistance from the phone calls I am receiving, but our team has seen large increases in all of our audience statistics: web traffic, blog readership, email open rates, and more.

Josh has opened our eyes to how blogging and social media marketing can bring leads. I have personally received leads AND revenue because of my blogging and social media activity, and am very impressed by the results we have seen since Josh joined our team.


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