The main purpose of any marketing strategy is to communicate the company’s messages to its potential customers. However, this process is not about the text only. To be effective, the message should involve emotions through images; bare text has a smaller impact. That is why it is important to add more drive and meaning to the text by using photos, pictures and infographics.

For your marketing campaign to be successful, add images everywhere – in ads, site pages, blog posts or emails. The images should be high-quality so photo retouching experts, such as, can help you very much.

Here, we will speak about the benefits of using images in marketing campaigns. We determine what kind of images are the most beneficial, and how to use them properly.

Image Benefits for Marketing Campaigns

Let’s start with the most obvious, but still most complicated thing: In what way can images be beneficial for your marketing campaign?

1.   Images Help to Remember Your Brand

When the image is attractive and high-quality, potential customers tend to remember it longer. They may not have time for reading your product descriptions or blog posts, but can recall 65% of what they have seen. They can then return to it when they need your products or services.

2.   Your Customers will Stick Around

On average, website visitors tend not to stay on the site more than 15 seconds. If they have seen an attractive image, they may spend more time looking through everything that is written about it.

3.   Increase in Sales

Images are especially beneficial for online shops. Consumers who visit the site want to see how the product they need looks. An accurate photo is important for about 68% of customers to help them to make a decision to buy an item. 65% think that the product image is more important than its description, and 54% even argue that the image is more interesting for them than any ratings and customer reviews.

4.   Communication Becomes Faster

Images are an important means of communication in our fast-paced world. A visitor needs about 10 seconds to understand the value of the written text and decide whether it is worth reading, this helps if they are attracted by the image. Its emotional impact reveals immediately – in just about 100 milliseconds.

5.   Engagement and Conversions Increase

Illustrated texts on websites, in articles, and blog posts receive about 90% more reviews than those that go without images. Press releases also display more views when they are accompanied by photos.

Ways of Using Images in a Marketing Campaign

Your promotional campaigns should not do without using images in the content marketing strategies. They are an essential part of them. Here, we have compiled some useful tips on where and how to use images to your fullest benefit.

1.   Use Images in Blog Posts

These marketing efforts are usually more text-centric. However, your readers may not get interested in looking through a long text without seeing immediately what this text is about. When the theme of the article is illustrated in a visual, it seems more interesting for a visitor.

2.   Product Images Matter

The images of products are important for every type of company from a retailer, to a recruitment agency, and everything in between. If a customer sees a visual of the product they are looking for, they can decide to order it more quickly. That is why having professional product photography can help to boost your sales.

3.   Social Media

This is the most important medium for your promotional campaigns. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter use images for the most successful marketing campaigns and they are visited by thousands of people every day.

You can use new images to update your account or just post on your timeline. Be sure that you use the correct dimensions. Use the same brand identification images for all networks. This includes logos, cover photos and profile pictures to make your brand more recognizable among followers.

4.   Users Open Emails with Images

That is true. Your potential clients may receive hundreds of mails every day. And they leave most of them unopened. So why should they open yours? Well, they will do it if there is something that attracts their attention.

This unusual marketing technique works very well. A receiver is immediately engaged and interested if there is a funny GIF, high-quality images, or brand logo in the mail. They are more likely to read the text when they see something entertaining.


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Which Marketing Images to Use in Your Campaigns

That is an important question because you have access to a large variety of images. However, you are not sure which of them will be the most effective ones. That is why picking out appropriate images is always one of the most common web development challenges. Let’s discuss just some types of images that can be quite beneficial to use as a part of your marketing strategy.

1.   Images or Graphics of Your Brand

These don’t always need to be real photos. They are often just visuals that remind a visitor of your brand. These images can be digitally designed (graphics), animated, colorful and engaging. Your customers should see a piece of your brand related to the text before they begin reading it.

2.   GIFs

This abbreviation stands for Graphics Interchange Format. It is always animated and often funny. The GIF can also be used to showcase part of a video, movie or TV program. These amazing visual tools appeared in the 1980s and since then, they have become very popular among companies that use them for branding.

You can either create your specific GIF for the marketing campaign you are conducting or use ready-made GIFs. There are a lot of inexpensive or even free GIF-making tools you can use.

3.   Photos from Stocks

This way of using images for marketing is very simple and convenient. You can find an appropriate professional photo on a stock site, such as Pexels or Shutterstock, and download it for free or for some fees.

Despite their convenience, stock photos often don’t exactly reveal the ideas and offers of your company. That is why it is better to use one of your own brand photos. However, it usually requires more time and effort to take them. You can now capture them on your smartphone since the present advance of technology allows for that. It is still a good idea to give them a professional edit before releasing them.

4.   Infographics Have a Huge Potential

These are images accompanied by both text and figures. In fact, they can illustrate a blog post or any web page with symbols and visual data.

Infographics are able to increase your site’s traffic by about 12%. Your readers enjoy them. They are especially important if you make up a detailed report, how-to-article, or a substantial blog post.

The software for creating infographics is also varied nowadays. You can use Canva, Piktochart, or Venngage for this purpose. They can all be used for free.

5.   User-Generated Content is Incredibly Efficient

This content that often goes under the abbreviation of UGC consists of images or videos of your products which were published by your customers. This is a kind of word-of-mouth marketing but performed online. Surveys have shown that such content can generate about 50% of all purchases.

The images of your products and services are captured by customers in real time while being used, so it boosts your reliability and trustworthiness.

Final Thoughts

Now, you know just something about using images in marketing. You can start implementing the tips right away.

Choose among images, GIFs, graphics, photos or UGC. Decide which of these suits your needs most perfectly. Remember that using images is both very easy and effective. Your customers’ interest and attention span can boost and you can reach the sales and conversions you have always dreamt about.

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