In today’s day and age, it is important to try and do everything in your power to stand out from the crowd. Putting together an effective marketing campaign can help do this. One option that you should consider making a component of your campaign is email marketing. Email marketing brings about a number of benefits. We will discuss them below, and give you some insight into what makes a great email. So, let’s take a look…

Why is Email Marketing so Important?

Before we delve into what makes a great email, it is important to try and learn why this is something you should care about in the first place.

There are a lot of different benefits associated with email marketing, including the following:

Business man stacking wooden blocksIt’s One of the Most Effective Tools to Find and Maintain Customers/Clients

A study carried out by eMarketer revealed that email marketing boasts an 81% rate of finding new leads and a rate of 80% in maintaining leads. This makes it one of the best-performing marketing methods compared to a others, including:

Organic Search had a 62% rate of new leads and a 26% rate of maintaining leads.

Paid Search had a 59% rate of new leads and a 43% rate of maintaining leads,

Social Media Marketing had a 51% rate of new leads and a 44% rate of maintaining leads.

Email Marketing is Action-Oriented

When someone receives an email, they can feel actioned to do something, whether it’s to sign-up, reply, forward, purchase, or click-through. Of course, there are cases where people will click the delete button, and that is why you need to design your emails effectively, to make sure that this does not happen.

Emails can be transactional, and this is something you can use to send people to your site and, ultimately, drive sales.

As your small business grows, using the power of email can help you to see results quickly. This means sending newsletters out and making the most of email automation based on customer triggers.

When compared with other types of emails, transaction emails generate eight times the opens and clicks, as well as generating six times the revenue.

Emails are Customizable and Personal

When email marketing, your audience is grouped into lists, and then each one is sent a tailored message that  hopefully connects to them. Try to make sure they receive something of value. This can increase the effectiveness of this approach.

After all, when using social media, you are writing something that appeals to the masses. However, email marketing enables you to build relationships with customers, leads, prospects, and even past customers, as you get the chance to speak to them directly.

Businessman protecting a piggybankYou Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Email marketing is also effective, easy, and doesn’t cost a lot. You can reach a huge number of possible customers at a very, very small rate per message. This makes it a great choice for small businesses that do not have a huge marketing budget.

Results Can Be Measured Effectively

Last but not least, email marketing does not involve guesswork. When you use email marketing software, you are able to see how many people opened your email, which links were clicked on, and how many people hit the “unsubscribe” button.

Measuring your email marketing campaign results can give you a great understanding of how you are performing and what changes might need to be made to drive better results.

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What Makes a Great Email?

Now that you have an understanding of why email marketing is so important, we are going to take a look at the different elements that make a great email. You can take a look at some newsletter examples as a starting point.

Some of the main elements when it comes to putting together an impressive email are as follows:

Make Sure Your Subject Line is Enticing

We will start with making the perfect subject line to draw the attention. Cliffhangers can work great when it comes to subject lines. This gives you a great opportunity to make your subscribers curious and hook them in.

With a cliffhanger, you’ll want to hold something back from your readers. This means that they will be compelled to find out more, and so they will open your email. If the subject line reveals everything, your subscribers are not going to feel like they need to open it.

However, we must point out that using a cliffhanger every time you send an email is not a good idea. This can end up annoying your subscribers, so choose your moments with this one!

One Message Per Email

One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to email marketing is trying to put as much information as possible into the email. This can result in it being confusing and complicated.

Instead, try to focus on one message per email. This makes the viewer focused and can help you achieve specific goals.

If you want to drive people to a sale you have on your website, don’t start distracting them with other information in your email. Instead, focus only on sharing information about the amazing sale you are running.

Email marketing frequency capping written on white notebook paperUse Frequency Capping

If you message people too much, it can cause them to become annoyed. There is a very fine balance in the world of marketing. Every subscriber is going to have their own limit about how many messages they receive, and there can be consequences if you overstep the mark.

Not only can too many messages result in people unsubscribing, but your emails may start to be flagged as spam, which means they will go straight into the junk folder.

To stop this from happening, consider using frequency capping. This is a feature that enables you to limit the number of emails your subscribers will get during a certain time period. You can set the timeframe so that you don’t fall into the trap of over emailing.

Design Your Email Marketing with Mobile Users in Mind

Did you know that 51 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices today? Therefore, when you are putting together an email, you should also think about the mobile user.

You should try to make sure your emails are concise and that mobile users are not going to have to scroll a lot to find the point of your email. The links also need to be clickable and the photos should resize based on the device being used.

Aside from this, you may want to trim your subject lines so that they are short, captivating, and enticing for mobile users as well. If you don’t, the subject line will be cut short automatically, and this can greatly reduce your click-through rate.

Some of the different ways that you can trim down your subject line effectively include: personalization, creativity, and using emojis, symbols, and numbers.

Prioritize Engagement

A lot of marketers approach email marketing with a short-term objective, which is to increase their sales. This is a natural thing to do.

However, you may find that it makes more sense to concentrate on building relationships with your subscribers.

When someone joins your email list, it is typically because they want to find out more about your company, rather than wanting to buy products. Of course, both go hand-in-hand. But the approach matters, as engagement can help in seeing great returns from your email marketing campaign in the long run.

Two people sharing reacting over cell phone contentsMake Your CTA Buttons Relate to the Email

The final piece of advice we have for you when it comes to putting together the perfect email is to make your CTA buttons relate to the email.

Rather than using something generic like “buy now” or “shop now”, you should come up with something that will hook your readers and interest them a little bit more.

Asking yourself some questions while when crafting a CTA can help. Can I see it clearly? Is it easy to act on? Do I know what it’s for? These are the three main questions that you need to ask yourself when putting together a great CTA.

Final Words on the Importance of Email Marketing

In today’s competitive landscape, putting together a good marketing strategy is important to giving your business the best chance of success. We hope that the advice and tips that we have provided above have given you a great insight into what makes a successful email marketing campaign.

If you implement them, you should be able to deliver emails that will help you to boost your conversion rates and make sure you avoid being placed in the dreaded trash!

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