Website developers have very important jobs. In today’s day and age, just about every business needs a website. Business websites help increase sales, establish a brand, increase awareness, and so much more. This importance makes the value of a great website developer extremely high.

You may not be sure what exactly to look for when searching for website developers. This blog post will give you some qualities that every great website developer should have.

You should hire a website developer who:

Takes the Time to Understand Your Needs

Your business’ websitefind website developers who listens is very important, and it’s something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When searching for a website developer, only look at people who are willing to give you their time. Their patience is essential because they need to fully understand how you want your website, so you will be happy with the end result. A great website developer should take as much time as needed to listen to you, regarding your website needs. They need to understand your vision for your website and they also need to have a strong understanding of your brand. When you have your first meeting with a developer, you shouldn’t feel rushed at all. If you do feel rushed or feel like they weren’t listening to you, it may be a good idea to continue searching.

Has Experience

As mentioned above, your business’ website should be taken very seriously. This is why you should only look at website developers who have some experience under their belt. Typically, the more experienced and well-known a website developer is, the more expensive their services are. You don’t need to limit yourself to people who have been in the industry for 10+ years, but at the same time, it shouldn’t be their first website project. Ensuring your website developer has some experience will likely lead to having a better website. They should know what they are doing, so that way the process doesn’t take too long and you get a website that looks great.

You may be wondering, How do I know if a website developer has experience? If you did not find the developer through a referral, then ask them for some examples of their work. They should be able to give you a list of websites they have developed. It is very common to ask website developers for examples, so don’t feel like you are being too pushy. Most developers would love to show off their work if they are proud of it. It’s also respectable that you care a lot about your website.

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Has a Great Style

After you look at the website developer’s experience, you should also look at their style. Are there any reoccurring themes that you see in their work? These themes and style choices should be made note of, as they may end up on your website too. Of course, a great website developer should be able to listen to your style preferences and put your needs before their own personal style. But, subconsciously, a developer may add their style to your website. This is why it is important that you like their style of work before you allow them to develop your website for you.

Can Work Quickly

your website developers should act quicklyThis may seem contradictory to the first point, but they are touching on two different steps in the process of website development. Once the website developer takes the time to discuss your website with you, they should be able to return a finished product quickly. Depending on your timeline and goals, “quickly” may mean something completely different to you than it does the next person. According to one article, an average website will typically take about 8-12 weeks to complete. A website developer should deliver your website on time, without allowing their work to get sloppy. They are providing you a service and your timeline should be respected.

Has an Understanding of Marketing

Marketing is everywhere… Even if you don’t realize it! Your business’ website is an amazing marketing tool for many reasons. Digital marketing continues to increase in popularity and your website needs to be set up in a way to help you accomplish your primary marketing goals. The website developer you hire should have a great understanding of these marketing techniques and tactics. Their knowledge on the subject will benefit you in the future greatly, as your website will be set up properly.

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