One of the most stressful situations for brands on social media is a product launch. Product launches are complex, as their result is often unclear due to the unknown fate of the product. In this day and age, social media is one of the most effective and common ways to get the word out there.

It is a space for creation, advertisement, and entertainment, used and enjoyed by billions of people. For this very reason, utilizing effective social media promotion techniques for new product launches can turn the tides of sales, increasing visibility and profits for your company.

1. Make a Clear Set of Goals

Goal Setting - SMART Goals

Before beginning the marketing process of your new product, consider setting clear goals for the product’s performance once it is up for sale. How many clicks per advertisement do you want? In the first 24 hours, how many units do you want to sell? How much profit would you like to see in the first two weeks? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself to establish a clear marketing strategy for the product launch.

Establish your social media goals in the go-to-market plan section of your product launch checklist. Be sure to make these goals achievable and reachable, but not without challenging your expectations. By establishing reachable goals that compete with the performance of your previous products and personal expectations, you will be pushing yourself to market the new product more efficiently and setting it up for success.

2. Use a Content Map to Organize the Launch

A content map or checklist is a helpful tool that you should consider using to aid you when organizing product launches. By giving yourself a clear calendar for posting, using specific keywords, and building hype for your product, you will make sure that your product launch evades becoming a jumbled, disarrayed mess.

Failing to prepare and organize for a product launch properly is one of the most significant pitfalls company owners experience. This is because of how much content is expected to be pumped out before a product launch. Usually, the weeks leading up to a launch are dedicated to proper product marketing and targeted advertising. This can quickly become overwhelming for the unprepared.

3. Create Anticipatory Content

Anticipatory content is essential in building up hype. The point of this type of content is to plant a seed in the minds of potential customers. Doing so will build up anticipation, allow people to discuss and talk about the product, and eventually bring in more buyers once the product finally launches. This can be done through stories, posts, banners, and more.

Helpful types of anticipatory content include stories that tell the background of the product and why it was developed, including:

  • Giveaway posts
  • Countdown posts
  • “Coming soon” posts

Anticipatory storytelling gives the product meaning and purpose, appealing to the feelings and decision-making powers of the customer.

4. Use Effective Paid Advertising

Sponsored Content for Paid Ads

While many different companies use advertising, many fail to use proper advertising techniques that effectively draw in new customers. Social media ads are critical if you are hoping to reach a wider audience than you already have. While they can be costly, successfully targeted social media advertisements can be a significant investment for business owners to make.

Remarketing ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms can boost and potentially skyrocket your product launch. Do not forget to routinely check analytics to evaluate what is working and what is not when continuing your ad campaign.

Another important tool from social media is the Instagram story. The more often you share new information about the product prior to launch in an Instagram story, the more buzz you will generate.

5. Make Use of Hashtags and Keywords

Hashtags and other keywords are very common product-promotion tools. This type of marketing allows users to search and identify products they may want to purchase. The more you use hashtags and keywords that are relevant in search engines, the more they are likely to start popping up in people’s feeds and explore pages.

This is another easy way to garner new customers that you would previously not have access to. This type of marketing is very similar to the area of marketing referred to as search engine optimization or SEO. It is worth your while as it is free and requires no type of monetary investment.

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6. Team Up and Rev Up Promos

You may want to consider teaming up with local or other online companies to help sell your product. Doing so may expose your product to the audience that the other business owner already has.

This is a mutually beneficial relationship as both you and the partner company have access to each other’s audiences, driving up profit and sales of your products together. While reaching out to these types of companies may bring in some rejections, others are more than willing to increase their reach in the community.

In the same vein, promotional posts and deals are beneficial to business owners. One example of a successful promo idea is  bundling your new product with some of your other products for sale on the website. This will communicate to customers that they are getting more value for their money, increasing your profits in the long run even if you are not making the same margins as you would selling the product alone.

Additionally, you may opt to do giveaways and offer other types of deals under certain circumstances. Some of these types of deals may require customers to tag a certain number of their friends in your comment section, forward your email to X amount of people, or post your product launch on their story, all quickly reaching hundreds of new people with ease.

7. Address Community Questions and Concerns

Questions and Answers

After the product’s launch, people will start to ask questions about the product. For example, a young woman who has been using the same type of sunscreen her whole life is considering buying your new sunscreen. She will most likely approach you by asking questions about your new products to ensure they meet her expectations.

This is extremely common and it’s natural for someone to think before investing their money into a new, unknown product or service that is being advertised to them. One of your primary concerns should be building trust with these people as, in turn, they will put their trust in you and help you reach new customers through their relationships. Make sure you’re highly responsive when people reach out on social media. Moreover, invite their questions.

Social media can make all the difference for a company when it comes to promoting new product launches. Put one or more of the tips outlined here to good use the next time you launch a new product or service. It could do wonders for the success of the launch.

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