The best practices for marketing are not what they were a decade back. Things have changed a lot and product promotion is much more digital today. Affiliate marketing is one of the many techniques used for creating awareness. What is it and which practices does it involve? In terms of definition, it is a person promoting the products and services of a company through a provided link. This is called the affiliate link. Then, the affiliate makes a commission based on the sales they generate for the company. You have likely seen celebrities or influencers include their affiliate links on their website or social media pages. So, how does affiliate marketing work?

Effective Practices that Help in Attaining the Best Results for Affiliate Marketing

Business owners usually have concerns about how much they will earn through affiliate campaigns as it is related to profitability. They cannot manage to complete this calculation manually as it can be hard to predict returns from affiliate links. However, a reliable AdSense calculator can be used for this purpose. This free tool can easily be located on It uses the numbers of clicks and impressions to determine the revenue. This is an important step as it helps brands in deciding whether they should move ahead with an affiliate marketing campaign or not. In addition to that, even if they proceed, there are best practices that help in getting the best results as an affiliate.

Managing an Email List is Important

Check emails

It is obvious that to get the maximum number of clicks for an ad, you need consistent traffic. This is possible if people know about the promotion. Smart affiliates have an email list they use for each affiliate link. Then, they email their list about what the company is offering. The purpose of an email list is to drive traffic towards a particular product and increase its exposure. Hopefully, this will then drive sales for the business and the affiliate. Affiliates that have a strong email list comprising of serious buyers are typically able to generate good affiliate sales.

Appealing Content is a Major Factor

For every digital marketing campaign, quality content is a very strong component. Before taking a product advertisement seriously, buyers go through the content and see the offer. If the offer seems to be worthy of a purchase, the buyer will convert. So, it is mandatory to provide original content if you want to get more sales using your affiliate link. Submitting redundant or plagiarized content can ruin a lot of things for marketers. They can fail to attract buyers due to their poor content. This then results in sales volume not meeting expectations.

People who aim at purchasing products give a lot of importance to the content they create. It has to be completely unique so that readers develop an interest to read the ad. They will only take the step of spending money if they want to learn more about the product from the content. Similarly, it should be free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Don’t Be Overly Promotional

At times, the material for an affiliate marketing ad is overly promotional. This has a negative impact and the buyer can become hesitant to purchase. It is important for affiliates and brands to avoid this. The ad content needs to be fresh and presented in a natural manner. Skyscraping is one of the many methods used in this case. Through this method, brands research and create quality content based on their findings. Or, they can repurpose old content and reuse it.  However, if this content method is used, the level of uniqueness needs to be maintained. In other words, the available content should only be used as a source of reference. The content should not be plagiarized, as this can result in a penalty from Google.

Choose a Reliable and Reputed Affiliate Marketing Channel

It is not wise thinking to promote a low-quality brand, as this would put your own online reputation at stake. For instance, if you are promoting a link that leads to an Amazon page, it is likely a high-quality product. This is because Amazon is a reputed product selling platform and people know about it. However, if you are an affiliate for a strange and even questionable website, reconsider working with them. Protecting yourself and your customers is the most important priority.

With loads of affiliate marketing link promotions online, only a few get attention. The reason being is that at times, unreliable and substandard selling platforms are being promoted through the link. In such cases, people are not encouraged to spend time and pay attention.

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Using Hyperlinks and Appropriate Placement of Affiliate Marketing Links

The use of quality content for affiliate marketing ads is a very important factor. Consumers will have an interest in the product if you use captivating information. However, this is not the only factor that requires attention.

The correct placement of an ad decides a lot of things. Certain sections of the page get more attention from the viewers as compared to the others. Ads have to be placed in such a way that important content sections are not obstructed. This is because such experiences convince users the ad is spam.

In an affiliate ad, the hyperlink should only be provided on a specific keyword or phrase. Some brands hyperlink the entire text which is a negative practice. Users are discouraged to click such ads because they appear as scams.

The Use of Call-to-Action Buttons in Affiliate Marketing

The presentation and appearance of text are quite important. Anything that looks more appealing gets the attention of potential buyers within no time. Call-to-action buttons seem different as compared to the standard text. Hence, the affiliate can use them on their website or social media to effectively get the buyer’s attention.


Affiliate marketing is a strong promotion method through which an affiliate promotes the products or a set of services of another brand. Then, the affiliate is paid based on their sales. However, you attain the best results only if you follow the best practices. For instance, the content quality used makes a lot of difference. It will help you, as an affiliate or brand, to generate more leads, and thus, more sales. Other than that, managing an email list for customers is important. It helps increase interaction with potential buyers more easily, also opening the doors to more sales.


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