To understand the power of storytelling based on examples from your own life, just think back to your science class in seventh grade. Now, fast-forward to today. Do you remember what all you learned in your seventh grade science class? Probably not. Now, do you remember learning about the story of King Arthur, which was likely taught to you around the same time?  Most likely, you remember the story of King Arthur better than you do your own personal science experiences in the seventh grade. This is no accident. Triggering emotion, surprise, or imagination with words has a very strong effect on our memory. Stories are impactful, strong, and the best of them stay engraved in our brains forever. The same idea goes for brand storytelling.

Stories tend to stick in our memories. Whether it be a history story, a mythological story, or one of grandma’s stories, they get ingrained in our memories. This is because we’re curious and emphatic by nature. That is why we connect to those stories about brave heroes and royal rulers.

What is Brand Storytelling in Marketing?

Storytelling is the skill of sharing stories in a captivating way. These stories can be told visually, orally, through written media, or recorded media. Stories had a powerful effect over the masses, so they quickly made their way into the world of political and managerial communication. Storytelling is a handy tool for speeches and promotion.

One of the most successful storytelling speeches of this century was Steve Jobs’ Stanford address. He illustrated business projects to students based on his own life experience. Therefore, storytelling is basically the strategy of telling stories with the goal of forging strong connections to one’s audience. Taking this into consideration, it’s clear why many people have different needs and purposes for forging strong connections. In modern capitalism, you use these emotional connections to influence your audience and persuade them to buy your products.

If you communicate your project to your audience using a story, event, or emotion, it’s much more likely that you will trigger big emotions. When you succeed in doing so, it’s more likely you will win them over. This results in an attitude where they would be glad to do something for you or your brand. This could be purchasing your product or requesting in your services.

Brand Storytelling as a Component of Digital Marketing

In order to sell a product or a service in this day and age, you need to stand out amongst your competition. Remember all those TV ads that you can see every day on TV. Most of them are boring and repetitive, but those rare ones that captivate you with their story stick in your memory. You might even re-tell them to your friends.

This phenomenon of storytelling can be used in blogs, on Facebook pages, ads, social media profiles, eBooks, infographics, and especially in videos. You can also think outside of the box and use alternative marketing ideas to promote your brand with the power of stories. Newer content formats can prove especially useful in this case, because they will help you differentiate your brand in multiple ways.


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How to Start Telling Stories about your Brand?

If you have never done something like this before, it’s wise to start with the help of an expert. Later on, you can build on the knowledge you get from that experience. Then, you can become an expert in brand storytelling yourself. Here are some of our recommendations: BestEssayEducation (writers who will know how to capture the essence of your brand in a story), Fiverr (find creative writers even with a low budget), Freelancer (a database of independent professionals, including branding experts), WowGrade (find great writers for your brand story), SupremeDissertations (use professional writers as help in brand storytelling).

If you feel like you’re up for it and you already have ideas for your brand storytelling, you can try to do it yourself. Keep your eyes open for any feedback that comes from your audience, clients or customers.

“In brand storytelling, most of the time it’s a great idea to just listen to the preferences of your customers and go with the flow. Dig deep and try to find a great story from your company history. Even if it’s just a few months old, the story will be beneficial. People love recollections about events from the past–the basis of storytelling,” says Estelle Liotard, a writer at TrustMyPaper.

One of the most captivating stories you can tell about your brand is about the passion that made you pursue your own business. It doesn’t matter whether you started it on your own or with a group of friends, but in most cases, every entrepreneur was once an employee. People love rags-to-riches stories and American Dream tales, so if you have one, share it!

Custom-Made Brand Storytelling

As you might assume, there is definitely no one-size-fits-all formula of a story that works for every brand. If you sell hair products, for example, you can launch a Facebook carousel ad. In the ad, you can tell the story of creating the perfect hairstyle. Beauty brands can publish an eBook with stories from satisfied and loyal users of their cosmetics.

Promotional materials like these are different than most things we see on the market today. This is why your target audience is more likely to remember them. When you finally decide on the brand storytelling direction you want to take. You can start producing new promotional materials and content. Also, if you want to save time, you can repurpose your old content to fit these new needs.


Storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing techniques you can use to boost your brand’s success. Even if you have never taken that direction before, you can start easily and stay within your current brand’s voice and style. It guarantees a stronger connection to your audience, both new and existing. Instead of presenting your brand as a business, customers will start perceiving your brand as human beings that are behind it.


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