Google My Business, one of the many free business listing services, is a marketing tool that just about every business should use. When you create a free business listing on Google, you can immediately get more visibility on the world’s most popular search engine. When someone searches your business on Google, the Google My Business tool will help increase your business’ visibility. This blog post will help you learn why you should use Google My Business, and how to use the tool.

Why You Should Use Google My Business

It’s Free

As mentioned above, Google My Business is completely free to use. For such an amazing and free marketing tool, the few minutes it takes to create a listing is well worth it. It is also very low maintenance as it does not require regular updates. Creating a business listing immediately puts your business on Google Maps, which is yet another way to generate leads. You can even see analytics for your business’ listing at any time. All of that at completely no cost? It sounds too good to be true!

Trillions of Searches a Day

People Searching on GoogleIn 2018, Google averaged about two trillion searches every day. With this unbelievable number of searches, it is imperative for small businesses to create listings on Google My Business. If created and maintained properly, there is a high probability your listing will show in a search result every day, increasing the chance of acquiring customers.

Over One Billion Users

According to Statista, 1.68 billion people use Google as their preferred search engine. This large audience is exactly why small businesses should create Google My Business listings. When one of those 1.68 billion people do a Google search for your type of business, there’s a good chance your business will show as a search result.

The Reviews

Every Google My Business listing has the ability to receive customer reviews. This amazing feature allows your customers to give you feedback about your business. When your business has good reviews, others are more likely to visit. You can even respond to your customer’s review and thank them for doing business with you! This is also a great chance to hear what your customer’s don’t like about your business, and you could make changes if needed.

Increase Your Website Traffic

A Google My Business listing can help increase your business’ website traffic when your business appears as a search result. Google My Business listings are often considered as bonus search results. Some of Google’s 1.68 billion searchers may come across your business’ listing and see your website’s link. When your listing has a link to your website, your website is likely to get more visitors. Your business’ listing can also help with your off-site SEO strategy, in that it’s another high-value link to your website.

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How to Use Google My Business

Create Your Listing

To use Google My Business, you first need to visit their website, to create your business’ listing. It’s recommended you fill out as much information as possible when creating your listing. Add your address, hours, your business’ phone number and especially your website’s link. It’s crucial you provide your website address as it helps to increase your organic website traffic. Adding your business’ website to its listing also shows people where to go for more information about your products or services. One other bonus is that many listings don’t include a website URL. If your listing does, and your competition doesn’t, this will add credibility to the idea that you’re the best company to choose.

Write a Great Description

Just like other marketing tools, great copy for your business’ listing is important. This description is a brief phrase that should explain what your business does. It should encourage the reader to continue looking at your listing and even get them to call you or click your website’s lGoogle My Business Hoursink. Keep it short, informative and interesting.

Add Special Hours

Is your business closed for New Year’s Eve or Thanksgiving? You can add those special hours to let your customers know to avoid any frustration or disappointment. Are you having extended hours for Black Friday? You can add that to your special hours as well, to let people know.

Create Special Events

Another tool on Google My Business is the ability to add special events. This is a great marketing tool for encouraging potential customers or clients to attend an event your business is hosting. You can even add pictures, graphics, and a description of the event.

Keep it Updated

Keeping your Google My Business listing updated and polished is very important. You don’t want to only have old pictures of your business or inaccurate hours on your listing. When your listing is updated, you’re more likely to receive consistent reviews. Updating your listing shouldn’t take much time at all. Just updating it once every other month will be effective.

Answer Questions

Google My Business has a feature where customers can ask the business questions. Set up notifications on your email so you can answer quickly. This is a great customer service tactic and may encourage the person to visit your business.

Google My Business is an amazing and free tool every business should use. It’s incredibly low maintenance and very helpful. If you have any questions about using free resource, please let us know by filling out the form below!


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