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Guest posting is important for online business for many reasons; it’s not only a great way to get inbound links, but also to jump higher in SEO results. Such posts can help reflect your brand style and boost awareness of your business.

They can bring a whole lot of new traffic to your site, meaning you can test posts going to new target audiences. As well as promote your products and services, even if it through indirect marketing.

One tool for several goals. You should think of adding it to your PR strategy, and we’ll help you see why.

First of all, we’ll answer some guest blogging questions. Then, we’ll show you the TOP 7 benefits of the approach that can make your PR skyrocket. We’ll finish with some recommendations to help every guest post have the potential to bring you amazing results.

Brief Guest Blogging FAQ’s

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is the process of creating, pitching, and publishing an article on another blog. The whole process  includes: the search for a proper blog, negotiation, post writing, keyword choice, etc.

Can I Post on Any Blog?

You can, but we don’t recommend that. Publishing an article about tires on a maternity blog won’t do the trick. We’ll get into the details of source choice later on.

specialty being selectedHow Do I Get Bloggers to Accept My Posts?

First of all, find blogs that relate to your specialty. The material you write should be relevant to the audience of that website. You should also have great communication skills, a talented copywriter on your team, and research capabilities.

Be ready to hear “No” several times. There are enough websites on all kinds of topics, though, that you’ll find your match eventually.

Do I Have to Look for Blogs Myself?

No, you don’t. If you don’t have the time or skills, there are lots of guest posting opportunities from services that already have a database of sites that allow ‘follow links’ in their publications.

All you have to do is contact the service and tell the team what you’re looking for.

TOP 7 Benefits of Guest Posting for Your PR Strategy

You’ll want to include this approach in your strategy. Cooperating with other businesses, networking, and brand awareness definitely won’t hurt your PR.

Remember, though, that we’re talking about high-quality guest posts checked for plagiarism, readability, and grammar mistakes. Using properly checked publications can bring about the following advantages:

Building Trust

Building trust with potential, and existing, customers is a major factors to focus on. There’s no point in marketing if you can’t build a relationship with the person on the other side of the screen.

A well-written guest post can gently introduce the company to new customers/clients and reassure your existing customers/clients that you were the best choice.

Organic Advertising

Another advantage of guest blogging is the organic advertising of your brand, website, products, services, persona, etc. Try not to focus every sentence on yourself. An easy and to-the-point integration of a link, with a smart anchor and a call to action, will do the job.

The days of aggressive marketing are long gone, thank goodness.

link building illustrationLink-Building

Link-building gets trickier with every new algorithm update. You can’t just post a random link to your site in the comments section of a random post online and count it as a great backlink that will boost your ranking, it won’t.

The process is usually much more elaborate, and one of the ways to get a high-quality link for your profile is to include it in a guest post. Discuss this with the owner of the blog, first of all, but remember that a smart use of links can aid your PR strategy.

New Audience

With time, you should consider updating your target audiences list. Trying something new every now and then can help you find the perfect customer profile and find those people on every platform.

One way to attract and test a new audience is by writing guest posts for blogs where your targeted audience is already a regular reader.

Traffic Boost

If you don’t want to try a new audience, why not target people from the categories that are already working for you? By choosing relevant blogs with an audience close to yours, you can get much more traffic and possibly new regular readers of your articles.

Targeted Customers

Guest blogging can help you find already targeted customers for every product and service, creating more awareness by your target audience. Isn’t that the best outcome of a PR strategy?

Improving brand awareness and getting more targeted customers, that won’t leave full carts without buying, are interconnected goals. And contributions to other websites can help you achieve both.

Better Marketing Strategies

Improve your strategies by publishing guest articles and analyzing their results. You’ll find out what trends and patterns work, what keywords are best for certain sections of your site, etc.

This can help you improve your overall PR, since you will know what hits and what doesn’t.

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Choosing a Blog to Guest Post On

To get the above benefits, you should find a proper blog to cooperate with. The main criteria for your partnership should be:

Content Relevance

The content on the site should be relevant to your niche. Remember the tire-maternity combo. It’s not going to work. But a vehicle trends blog, for example, may become a great collaboration opportunity.

Web traffic concept displayed on computer monitor

Similar Target Audiences

Your websites should have similar target audiences. Usually, if the topics are relevant, the audiences will be too. But, just in case, it’s better to check twice.

Active Readers

Look in the comments and shares sections to see how many people actually engage with the content. You want active readers to take interest in your post.

High Traffic

While active readers are more important, the amount of traffic can show you the scope of results to look for from this collaboration.

Social Media Accounts (optional)

If the blogger has social media accounts, ask them promote your piece there, just like any other post on the site.

How to Find These Blogs?

The easiest way is to use the good old Google. Include the focus keyword and one of the following phrases in the search field:

  1. “contribute”;
  2. “guest post (by)”;
  3. “submit a guest post”, etc.

You’ll get a list of sources potentially accepting guest posts on your topic.

Guest posting is an amazing instrument if you know how to use it. Create articles and choose blogs to collaborate with carefully. With a proper approach, you can boost your PR strategy, find new customers, get more traffic, and build trust with potential and current buyers.


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