Why Should You Practice Social Media Marketing?

It is estimated about 45% of the world’s population is on at least one social media platform. This number is consistently growing, showing social media is here to stay. With that being said, there is a good chance at least half of your target audience is active on social media. If your target audience is on social media platforms, it can be an excellent marketing tool for your business.

Social media is all about connection when you are not with others in-person. It has been an excellent way for people to connect with others they are not able to see often. On the other hand, it is a great way for businesses to connect with their audience when they are not present at their location. Many businesses have recognized this ability to connect with customers online, and social media marketing is one of the most common digital marketing tactics today.

Being present and consistent on social media has been very effective for businesses who practice social media marketing. In fact, 54% of social media users use these platforms to research a business’ products. Consumers are starting to expect brands to be active on social media, and it can be a letdown if a brand is not present online. This is why it is so important for businesses to be active on social media.

If you are trying to connect with your audience in a different way, social media could be the tool you have been looking for.

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Our Approach

Social media, just like the rest of the Internet, is constantly changing. This is why it is vital for social media marketers to put in the necessary research to stay updated on the best practices. Our social media team knows this, which is why we study social media platforms consistently. From algorithm changes to consumer trends, our team stays up to date on all things social media.

In addition to reading up on social media marketing news, we also study our clients’ industries. We put in time to read about our clients’ industries so we can expect what their target audience enjoys. Our team also studies our clients’ target audiences. This is to see which posts they respond to best and what they are expecting from their social media pages. This approach helps us to ensure our efforts are as effective as possible, and so you get the results you were hoping for.

What We Do for Our Clients

At Joshua Lyons Marketing, our social media team has the experience and knowledge it takes to have a successful social media marketing strategy. From our years of experience and research, we know the right tactics to engage each target audience. So, no matter what demographic your business is geared towards, we can help you draw in consumers.

We believe that the best way to market a business on social media is to stay active. This is why our team works hard to make sure our clients have active social media pages. Our team posts consistently on our clients’ social media accounts and engage with consumers if desired by the client. This helps to connect with the consumer and get them to build trust for your company.

Based on your preferences, we will regularly post engaging and interesting content on your social media platforms. Our team can also help you create content to share on your business’ social media pages if needed. We will send you reports regularly so you can see how effective our services are and keep you in the loop at all times. Our goal is to help your business connect with your audience and make you happy with our services.

If you are ready to start or improve your social media marketing, please contact us by filling out the form below. We are excited to speak with you about your business’ social media accounts!


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