Develop a relationship with your Pensacola audience!

Build trust and get more leads with your audience through social media.

We know it can be hard to build trust with your target audience so they will invest in your business. Many times, face-to-face interactions simply aren’t enough to get your customers to trust you and choose you over competitors.

If you are struggling to develop a relationship with your customers, you will benefit from using social media. Through social media profiles, you can encourage a trusting relationship with your customers where they can’t wait to invest in your business. But, you must use social media platforms properly to do this.

If you aren’t sure how to use social media to gain trust with customers, our Pensacola social media customers can help you!



We can help

If you don't know how to use social media to get attention and trust from your followers, you aren't alone! Many business owners struggle to achieve these crucial qualities. Our Pensacola social media marketers are here to help you reach your goals through social media.


How we do it

Our team has a set plan to ensure we provide the best social media marketing services possible. This plan ensures we pay attention to every detail and help you achieve your goals with social media.




First, our team will analyze your industry and will research the best social media practices for it. We don't want to tackle your social media by using general guidelines, we want our tactics to be optimal.



At the beginning of each month, our Pensacola experts will send you a report on your social media accounts. These reports will show you your account's engagement rate, impressions, audience trends and other key performance indicators.


Content Creation

Once we know the best practices for your business' industry, we will generate engaging content for your profile. Then, our experts will schedule your posts so your profiles are always consistent.



After we have been working on your accounts for a few months, we will review your accounts to see which tactics are the most effective for your account specifically. Then, we will change our strategy (if needed) to suit what your audience responds to best.

The Promise

We will do everything we can to build a better relationship with your audience, and that's a promise. In addition to this promise, we also promise the following:

Month-to-month Payments

Many firms require you to sign a long-term contract for social media services. In order to serve you better, we will only offer our services on a month-to-month basis in case something comes up and you need to pause services.

Valuable Content

We will only publish valuable content and nothing that's spammy or overly simple. Your social media content reflects your business' quality, which we will preserve at all costs.

Monthly Updates

We promise to send you a report each month so you can see how effective our services are. Our team wants you to feel confident in your investment in your social media profiles.

The golden rule

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Our Pensacola marketing team will run your accounts as we run our own.

Are you ready?

Our Pensacola social media marketing experts are ready to help you get more leads and build a trusting audience. If you want to improve your social media efforts, feel free to contact our team today. We will happily set up an in-person or remote meeting with you to discuss your goals.

Let’s talk

    Not quite ready to get started?

    If you aren’t ready to start your social media strategy, don’t worry! Just remember us whenever you are ready so we can help you improve your social media accounts.

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    More About Social Media Marketing


    Why Should You Practice Social Media Marketing?

    Above 45% of the world’s population is on one social media platform – at the minimum. This percentage is constantly growing as new generations get old enough to have social media accounts. So, there is a very high chance your target audience is on at least one social media platform. If they are active on one, two, or all social media platforms, it can be a very helpful marketing tool to use in your marketing strategy.

    Social media revolves around helping people connect when they are not with each other in person. It has created a great way to help people connect when they are not with each other. So, it’s a great way for businesses to stay at the top of their customers’ minds while their customers aren’t at their store. Many Pensacola businesses see this great benefit, so they invest their marketing budget in social media.

    Being on social media platforms has been highly successful for many businesses. About 54% of people who use social media use social media platforms when researching a business, its reviews, their products and their services. Many consumers expect their favorite business to be on social media, and it can be disappointing if they don’t find the brand online. So, it’s highly important for every business to be active and consistent on social media. If you want to connect with your audience on a deeper level, social media is exactly what you need.

    social media marketing

    Our Approach

    Just like the entire Internet, social media platforms are constantly changing. So, it’s very important to constantly research social media best practices and stay updated on algorithm changes. Our Pensacola social media marketers know this fact, so we are constantly studying changes in social media platforms. From consumer trends to new algorithms, we are always educating ourselves on changes with social media platforms.

    In addition to regularly educating ourselves, our team also studies the industries of our clients. Our team puts in time researching the industries of our clients so we know what their target audience wants to see. With that being said, we also study our clients’ specific target audience. We study the trends we see on our client’s accounts so we can shape our content to them. Our team always wants to see what our clients’ audience responds best to so we can help our clients get the best engagement rate possible.

    What We Do for Our Clients

    At Joshua Lyons Marketing, our Pensacola social media team has the knowledge it takes for you to see success with your social media profiles. With our many years of experience and research, our team can help you reach your goals. Additionally, our team will help you save valuable time as a business owner. We know this is something that is all too valuable for business owners, no matter their industry.

    Our team believes it’s highly important to stay active on social media. When you are active on social media, you have a larger chance of getting more exposure. We always post consistently on social media for our clients so they can grow their audience and their sales.

    We will schedule out engaging content that your audience will truly enjoy seeing. Our team will help you generate quality content for you to share on your social media accounts. Then, we will send you monthly reports so you can see our progress. Our goal is to keep you in the loop at all times so you can have a good understanding of your social media accounts.

    If you want to improve your social media marketing efforts for your Pensacola business, please contact us by filling out the form below. Our team is very excited to discuss your business and hear about your goals with your social media accounts!