Stop losing leads from your website!

Your website may be your first impression on potential customers.

Don’t let an outdated website be the reason customers leave your business’ website. Having a professional website can attract more leads and generate more sales.

If you aren’t sure how to design and develop your own website, we would be happy to help you. Our Miramar website design and development team is eager to help you get started today!


Our Team of Website Designers Can Help!

We completely understand worrying if your website is good enough to generate sales. Thankfully, you can resolve it by updating your website. We elevate Miramar businesses by building elegant sites that customers love. Our outstanding websites have helped numerous business owners generate new clients. We can help you too!


How We Do It

At Joshua Lyons Marketing, you’ll be part of your website’s creation throughout every phase of development. We’ll create for you a top-tier website using our simple but effective four-step process:




Our team will listen to your website ideas and your goals. Then, we will analyze your industry's standards so your website suits the business environment you're in.



Once we are done with the mock-up, we will present it to you. We will take notes on your feedback and make you a new mock-up, or will implement it in our website development.



Then, our team will start the design process and build a mock-up for your website. We will include all of the features and needs you requested, and add them to our mock-up.



When the design is perfect and we get your approval, our team builds an individualized website just for you. We guarantee a beautiful site that provides fast loading times, top search results, an easy user interface and excellent security.

The Promise

We promise to deliver a dependable website to you. We create fabulous websites at incredible prices. We guarantee our website will impact your business in four ways:

SEO-Friendly Website

Many website developers don't know how to ensure a site is search engine compatible. However, our team is highly knowledgeable, considering we also offer SEO services. Our team will make sure your site can rank well in search engines.

A Vested Interest

We have a vested interest in your website. It directly reflects our abilities, so we always try our hardest to provide an excellent website.

Great Communication

We will always keep you in the loop as we are in the process of website design and development. Our team will send you updates, answer your questions, and work closely with you.

The Golden Rule

With us, you’re not just a customer—you’re a family friend, and we want you to succeed. We’ll treat you as we would wish to be treated by a Miramar website design company.

Are you ready?

Our website design team is ready to help you with all of your website development needs! We’ll create a sleek website that invites new leads and reflects your design goals. Fill out the form below to get started on the website you’ve been dreaming about!

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    Not Quite Ready for a New Website?

    If you’re not ready to revamp your website just yet, just remember we will be here for you. In the meantime, you can still join our email list! Our team will support your business growth and marketing efforts with free resources like proven marketing strategies, competitive topics in website design and development, and easy-to-implement SEO secrets.


    More About Website Design


    Looking For a Miramar Website Design and Development Team?

    A website development company turns leads into clients with an outstanding website. If you’re ready for a new website, but don’t know how to choose a website development company, we’ll show you how! 

    How to Find a Great Website Development Company

    How do you find the one that is a smart investment for your business? If you want a pristine website, you need a reputable company that designs with your ideas in mind. To find a great website development company, look for the following three characteristics:

    1. A simple, beautiful site
    2. Positive customer reviews
    3. Expert, professional advice

    If you want to work with a great company that boosts your business with increased traffic, it is essential the companies you consider have these qualities!

    1. A Simple, Beautiful Site

    The surest way to find a reputable web development company is by visiting their website. A competent company should have a gorgeous website. Their website should have a sleek and simple design, fully functional features, quick page loads, and responsive user designs for mobile and desktop applications. 

    2. Positive Customer Reviews

    A trustworthy company has outstanding reviews. Look for development companies that attract lots of clients who leave satisfactory reviews. Take careful note of the companies that have returning customers. website design and development

    If the customer reviews resonate with you, have the company send you a portfolio of their past projects. Additionally, ask them for client references from projects you like. Word-of-mouth testimonies provide great insights to a company’s credibility. 

    3. Expert, Professional Advice

    An established website development company can describe the most optimal design and marketing strategies for your website. We encourage you to schedule consultations and ask questions like:

    What elements can I put on my website to make leads contact me?

    What strategies will make my website rank high on Google search?

    What makes a website effective?

    What kind of security do I need for my website?

    A professional development company will advise you on how to plan an impeccable website with the best business and design practices in mind. 

    Why Hire Joshua Lyons Marketing to Build Your Website?

    Happy business owners are at the heart of our business. Our goal is to build the website you want that generates the leads your business needs. 

    But our job is so much more than building websites. At Joshua Lyons Marketing, we also combine ideas with design, compose flexible contracts, provide clear communication, keep clients informed every step of the way, and stay competitive in our web development and design practices

    If your Miramar business needs a website, we want to hear from you! Contact us today by filling out the form below.