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Your Website Reflects Your Orlando Business

Website design trends are constantly changing. This means it’s easy for a website to get outdated over time. Considering your website reflects your Orlando business directly, it’s vital you have an excellent website.

A modern, functional website can help ensure you get the most leads from your website possible. If you don’t know how to revamp your website design yourself, don’t worry. Our Orlando website design and development team is here to help.


Our Team Can Help!

We understand if you are eager to update your website to increase your leads. After all, you want to be proud of your website when clients visit it. Our Orlando website design team helps business owners get more leads by creating professional sites that clients and search engines love. Our stunning sites have helped countless businesses find and keep leads.


Here’s How We Do It

At Joshua Lyons Marketing, we always use a strategic plan in our Orlando website design process. We keep you involved in the creation of your website every step of the way. Our team will deliver to you only the highest quality website in four simple steps:




First, we will talk with you to discuss your website ideas. We get your ideas and analyze your business' industry to ensure your site is top-of-the-line and suits your needs.



Our team will schedule a meeting with you to present the website mock-up. We will note your feedback and do everything we can to ensure you love our plan for your website.



After we speak with you and analyze your business' industry, we will create a website mock-up. This mock-up portrays how we expect your website to look with its design and functionalities.



When you say the design is perfect, our developers will create a full-fledged website for you. We guarantee an outstanding site that loads quickly, ranks high in search engines, creates an easy user experience, and offers security to you and your visitors.

The Promise

We create polished, reliable, and functional websites at an affordable value. Our promise comprises of four guarantees of outstanding service:

SEO-Friendly Website

We build our websites with search engine rankings in mind. Our designs ensure you can rank highly in search engine results because of our SEO expertise.

A Vested Interest

We take pride in our work and your satisfaction. Our goal is to create and maintain websites that we are proud to call our own. Your website portrays our work, so we put our best effort into design and development.

Great Communication

We value what our clients say and think about our designs. We maintain clear, consistent communication with you throughout the entire design and development process.

The Golden Rule

We promise to treat you how we want to be treated. At Joshua Lyons Marketing, you’re more than a customer—you’re a friend with a business we're passionate about seeing succeed.

Are you ready?

Whether you need a few design updates, or a completely new website, we’re here to help! We’ll design an extraordinary, modern website that aligns with the visions and goals of your Orlando business. Let’s generate your leads today! Fill out the form below to schedule an appointment with us.

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    More About Website Design


    Need an Orlando Website Design and Development Team?

    Investing in a great website is so important for the growth of your business. A feature-rich website impresses your clients, a beautiful website makes clients eager to work with you, and an easy to use website turns leads into clients.  

    A website development company provides the designs, functionalities, and updates you need to maintain an attractive business site.

    If you’re ready to work with a website company, but don’t know where to start, we’re happy to show you how! 

    Traits to Look For in a Website Development Company

    A high-quality website development company will increase your business by getting your name to the top of search engine results. Unfortunately, there are so many website design companies to choose from these days. How can you know if a company is a good or bad investment?

    To pick a great website development company, look for these three traits:

    A modern, professional website

    Satisfied customers

    Confident expert advice

    You want a knowledgeable company to build a site that designs with your business ideas in mind. Make sure the companies you’re interested in have these qualities!website design trends

    1. A Modern, Professional Website

    The fastest way to spot an experienced web development company is by visiting their website. A professional web development company should always have a beautiful website. Their site should be:

    Modern, with designs relevant to current trends

    Functional, with all features working smoothly 

    Responsive, with quick load times

    These important features showcase the company’s experience and competitive edge. A great website should be beautiful and simple to use. 

    2. Satisfied Customers

    A great company has impeccable reviews. Look for companies that have overwhelming positive customer reviews. 

    To take things a step further, ask the company to send you a portfolio of past projects. Then ask for references from previous customers. You’ll get a good idea about their design, development, and communication styles from these steps.

    3. Confident Expert Advice

    A trustworthy website company should be able to explain the best marketing and design practices for your project and industry. Ask them these questions to test their knowledge:

    website design and developmentA high-quality web development company blends business, software, and design strategies effortlessly. They should be able explain their development process to you clearly.

    Why You Should Hire Joshua Lyons Marketing to Create Your Website

    Our customers are our number one priority. Our intention is to create the site you want that generates the leads you need. 

    But our job is much more than building your website. At Joshua Lyons Marketing, we also make it our job to implement your design requests, create flexible contracts, engage in honest business relationships, keep our clients informed throughout our development phases, and keep up with changing web development and digital marketing trends

    Does your Orlando business need a website? Contact us today by filling out the form below. We want to hear your ideas!