Why Should Website Development Matter to You?

A popular saying attributed to Bill Gates goes something like this “If your business is not on the internet, your business will be out of business.” If anything, the last decade has confirmed that statement. All major businesses have found ways to make their services accessible over the internet. Website development is the foundation of all online marketing and, internet leads and e-commerce.

website development used to show up onlineFor most start-ups too, one of the first things on the agenda is to get a well-made website. This is primarily because a website helps you to reach people you would have otherwise not had access to. It also enables you to reach out to and communicate with your potential customers instantly.

Running a reputable business and organization now goes hand in hand with not just having a website but having a world-class website.  Most people report that they do not trust a company without a website. On the other hand, if the site is poorly made, it will not do much to inspire confidence in your visitors.

For anyone looking to make a statement with their business, it is highly imperative that they invest in excellent website development.

Our Approach

Website development is a multi-faceted service in that each job comes with its own peculiarities. There are multiple things to consider when developing a website for a client. Central to our approach is putting the customer first. Your needs determine the kind of site that will be appropriate for you.

There are two broad classifications of websites – Static and Dynamic.

Static websites are more appropriate for academic users and developers. They have the advantage of being highly reliable with high-speed page load. They are, however, more complex to create.

Dynamic sites, on the other hand, are the more popular alternative. They better preferred by most users and come with the advantages of being easy to update and use. They are also supported by a large number of hosting companies.

Ultimately, the choice of whether to go with a static or dynamic option lies with the customer, but we are always happy to share our thoughts with them.

What We Do for Our Clients

When designing websites for our clients, we never compromise on quality. Central to our designs are certain concepts essential for every brand’s success.

good website development and designFirst of them is simplicity. While we understand that a client’s needs may be quite complicated, it is our duty as designers to simplify whatever information it is for the end-user. Most visitors will quickly leave a site if they find it too difficult to operate. Simply put, the easier it is to navigate your website, the more likely that your visitors will enjoy using it. We have found that easy navigation improves every user’s experience on a website, and we always make sure to implement that.

Second, but equally important is speed. Research shows that most internet users expect a webpage to load in 3 seconds or less. If your website is taking too long to load, customers can quickly get frustrated and leave. This means every extra second your site takes to load text or pictures, you lose customers. We ensure that all websites we create load pages at a lightning-fast speed.

Including a CTA is another essential part of what we do for our clients. We understand the power of a Call-To-Action in a website. After all, the purpose you have created the site is to get your visitors to carry out a specific action. Whether it is buying a product (or adding it to cart), registering for your e-mail newsletters or even sharing your posts on their social media, we’ve got you covered.  Our extensive knowledge of CTA placements in posts will ensure that you get a score a high conversion rate on your website visitors.

Making your website mobile friendly is another one of the things we make sure to do for our clients. In fact, it may be the most critical part of our service. Majority of internet users (over 70%) access the internet from their mobile devices. If you have a great website that doesn’t look and great on mobile devices, you may be losing as much as 70% of your traffic. Luckily, we always make sure all our websites are mobile friendly and look great on all platforms.

We look forward to helping you develop a great website for your organization. If you want to know more about the services provided by Joshua Lyons Marketing LLC, please contact us by filling out the form below!


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